Our New Heavy Wetter Nighttime Solution

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So we officially have a new nighttime diaper solution. Our now two year old son is just shy of 32 lbs, so I worry that he’ll be outgrowing his diapers before he can finish potty training. That being said, we have found a night time solution that works for us, and it should continue to fit him for a while.

Thristies Fab Fitted in Raspberry

Thristies Size large fitted diapers, bought on clearance when they were being discontinued in favor of the Duo Fitted diapers. Because we only used them for a short time with my daughter they still have that wonderful plush velour softness that Thirsties diapers are known for, before you kill them with months of caustic toddler urine. I stack a size large Joey Bunz Premium Hemp insert under a Flip Stay dry insert and top the whole thing with a Size Large Thirsties cover. The Duo Size 2 are just too small to keep us leak free. It is a little bulky, but no worse than the triple stuffed pocket diaper we used to use at night. We also use an Under the Nile Fitted and a Sustainable Babyish fitted with no closure that we use when the Thirsties are being washed and those work as well. Though I really hate the enclosed inserts that come with the sustainable babyish and I just use my new etsy inserts or a Joey Bunz Premium size large with a Flip Stay dry insert.

Just bought a new Sustainable babyish fitted with snaps. We haven’t used it much yet, so I can’t really properly review it. It’s sized and we bought an XL. The first night using it didn’t go well, but it also might not be properly prepped, so I’m willing to give it time.

As long as I rinse in the morning and spray with Bac out, we don’t have major stink problems, though I usually plan to strip them every month or two. I’m loving the Thirsties covers again because they are the only thing that holds in my son’s morning messy poops that he often produces before I get him out of his crib in the morning. The fully saturated bumGenius pockets just weren’t cutting it.


My new favorite insert is a zorb, hemp insert I bought from Etsy. This one insert does the job of a Joey Bunz Premium hemp and a Flip stay dry and it’s more compact. I haven’t had it long enough to tell how well it will hold up to the serious beating that nighttime diapers take, but so far I’m very pleased.

So I know we’ll be have additional diapering challenges with the coming months, as our son gets even bigger, but for now at least we have some dry mornings to look forward too.

Wet Pants: Potty Training Tales and Reviews of Cloth Training Pants

My daughter first showed interest in potty training around 17 months. So we bought her a little potty and let her sit on it if she wanted to. She got pretty good at it too. After a few weeks we thought she would also always poop on the potty and we would only be stuck changing wet diapers. We thought she was going to potty train early, saving us months of washing diapers. No such luck. For two months after that, she showed almost no interest in, if not an aversion to, the potty. Now at almost two she is headed toward being interested again. Last winter, when she was consistently using the potty at least once a day or so and I got tired of trying to put on and take off diapers in our tiny bathroom, I decided to buy some cloth training pants.

As a cloth diaper family, I really didn’t want to start using disposable pull-ups. But I couldn’t find many cloth trainers that I thought would work for us. I needed something that could be pulled up and down, but if it could unsnap that would be ideal. It also needed to be fully waterproof and fairly absorbent while still allowing her to feel wet. She wasn’t going to make it to the potty most of the time in the beginning and I wanted something that would save us from puddles on the floor. The reviews for most of the cloth trainers were sketchy. The really well reviewed ones, like Super Undies, were really expensive. I knew that cloth would ultimately save us money, but a stash of $20 each training pants was going to add up fast. So I bought a trainer here and there from several different brands until I assembled a reasonable stash. Below are my reviews:

Mama Bear One-Size Trainer

Mama Bear One-Size Training Pants (purchased from Mama Bear Baby Wear at Etsy.com)

$12 + shipping

These are my all time favorite trainers. I love that they snap off and are highly absorbent, though still not as much as a diaper. I think the key is in the inner absorbent core of Zorb ™. Zorb is made of a combination of bamboo, cotton and microfiber and claims to be four times more absorbent than cloth diaper flannel. I’ve been impressed by the adjustable snap system that will allow these trainers to grow with my daughter. They are the only one-size trainers I could find. My daughter, like many other children, has been potty training for a while. I like not having to worry about buying multiple stashes of sized trainers should she linger on the process for a very long time. I also bought a pair of Mama Bear’s petite one-size trainers that use a Gerber prefold as the absorbent core. It’s not as absorbent as the standard one-size trainer, but fits my skinny girl very well. If your child is thin for his or her age, ask her about custom petite trainers.

Blueberry Trainer

Blueberry Trainers (purchases from Kelly’s Closet and Amazon)

$15.95 (Size Medium)

These are adorable and fit just like underwear. Since they don’t snap they are a little annoying to take off if your child poops and they aren’t fully waterproof. But they honestly hold more than I anticipated and they will save you from a puddle on the floor. I recommend washing them inside out for easier cleaning. The color choices are more limited on Amazon, but they qualify for Amazon Prime free shipping.

QTBunns Potty Training Pants

QTBunns Potty Training Pants (purchased from QTBunns at Etsy.com)

$11 + shipping (Size Small)

These are also a pull-up only pant, but the soft flannel is wonderful. The stretchy sides will, I think, allow for some growth before having to size up. I found them to be quite absorbent and wash easily. This is also the only trainer from an Etsy seller than is currently featured on Diaperpin.com.

Now that Kelly’s Closet is selling Super Undies, I may finally purchase a pair if I can use a coupon and combine it with a large enough order to meet the free shipping threshold. I had a hard time finding anywhere that carried these that offered free shipping. I’m also considering purchasing a Prefold Trainer from Little Moose Diapers on Etsy since I like the idea of using a prefold that can pulled up and down like underwear, but is still waterproof, plus they have snaps. If I end up purchasing these or any other trainers I’ll make sure to review them as well.

Note: My daughter loves wearing her “big girl pants.” But she still doesn’t use the potty most of the time. When we use exclusively trainers we usually need to change her pants at least once a day when the trainer becomes oversaturated. She’s getting better so I’m hopeful.