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I’ve been using Fit2B as my primary fitness source for more than two years. During that time I continued to teach and perform dance, and ran two 5k’s. But all along it came back to Fit2B. But my third (and probably final) pregnancy was the first one since I had made Fit2B part of my life. I was hoping that it would make a huge difference during my pregnancy and especially my delivery.

Things didn’t workout exactly as I’d hoped. I didn’t do any perfect pushing, the baby came out rather of his own free will. There was no peaceful belly breathing as he emerged. Lots of uncontrolled screaming.



While Fit2B (and the Tummy Team) kept me active and engaged with my core through my whole pregnancy, I didn’t avert diastasis as I’d hoped. But I’ve been trying to look for the positives. While I didn’t stay as active as I wanted during the pregnancy, (the summer heat really did me in) at least it kept me moving. Even if only did one of the Foundational Five or a stretching workout at least that was something. During my delivery I did lots of squats and I was expecting pain in my quads, calves and upper arms the next day. I didn’t have any. So in the end it felt as though Fit2B had prepared me for delivery, just not in the ways I expected.


I know what I need to do to recover. I don’t always do it, but educating myself has been a good thing. I’ve never weighed this much or been so aware of the lack of tone in my stomach. But I’m trying to even use that awareness as a positive. Maybe it was like this after my other pregnancies and I just wasn’t aware of it. (I didn’t discover Fit2B until my second child was more than a year old). I engage my transverse, doing squeeze and releases as well as transverse holds while I pump four to six times a day. I’m slowly trying to incorporate the Foundational Five back into my life. (You can check back next week as I start reviewing the Foundation Five+ course).

If nothing else I try to keep my core engaged and be at least somewhat aware of my alignment throughout the day. This program isn’t magic. Its results vary depending on your body, but what I have learned is that the education it provides and the encouragement of its creators and members has gone a long way toward keeping me going when I wanted to quit. It’s easy to feel discouraged right now, because it feels like I’m starting from the beginning, but I’m not. My body may need recovery and healing but at least I have the tools to do it.


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Fit2B New Moms: Week 2


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It is getting very hard to stay active at this point in my pregnancy. We just came through another high temperature week with very high eighties and low nineties, which is way too hot for this pregnancy lady. So walking or even going outside much has been out of the question. It has been hard to keep myself going with any kind of exercise. But I want to make sure I’m still ready for this upcoming (hopefully sooner rather than later) delivery.

Day 1

Totally Transverse
Maternity Mix I

I’ve done this workout before, but it has been a while and I wasn’t sure how my current condition would work with it. There were portions that I had to be very cautious and really listen to my body (especially the side leg series) but mostly I found it to be a great way to keep my body moving, even when it takes a lot of effort and it’s easier to stay still.

Day 2

Mula Bandha
Maternity Mix II
Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly

This was a great workout. While Maternity Mix II is a little more physically demanding, it is also a bit shorter which helps with that. As usual the Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly is a big hit and something I strive to work in daily where I can. I felt very confident today, as I was able to do almost everything in this workout. This makes me feel better since my mobility has been so limited lately. It’s possible my efforts to do something, no matter how minimal, everyday are paying off.

Day 3

Totally Transverse II
Maternity Mix III

This is definitely a more ambitious workout than the other two maternity mixes. While I’ve done it before, I’ll admit that this time I had to stop halfway through. Next time I do it I might have to try it without the dumb bells. As I’m getting so close to the end, (hopefully just a couple weeks now) I want to stay active but I also don’t want to workout to the point of exhaustion. Bethany Learn always says you should feel energized after a workout and ready for your day, not so tired that you need to go back to bed. I’m trying to find where that fine line is this pregnancy.

Day 4

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha
Maternity Yoga 
Neck Routine

I enjoyed this gentle combination. I’m looking forward to the slightly more tummy safe refilm of Maternity Yoga but this one is still totally doable. The neck routine was also welcome respite for my sore neck and upper back. Plus, any opportunity to workout while sitting down is also great.

Guess what? Only four days this week. This whole project is turning out a bit different than I planned. Rather than getting progressively more difficult, each week I’m doing a little less, but striving to at least do something. So if I do in fact make it through week 3 and 4 of this routine, you’ll see lots of stretching, gentle maternity workouts and Foundational Five, rather than my usual fare of solid aerobics and strong Pilates.

But I know I’m not the only pregnant lady who feels like just moving at all by the end is difficult, let alone official exercise. Don’t be discouraged (I’m trying not to be). You will be able to do these things again. Just try to focus on taking care of yourself and baby for these last few weeks.

Fit2B New Moms: Week 1


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Fit2B Mama Week 3


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Wow, Week 3 is done and I am feeling it. At 34 weeks, I’m definitely finding that I cannot be as active as I used to be. But I’m still going to keep active as much as possible.

Day 1

Mula Bandha, Pilates in Pajamas

I haven’t done Pilates in Pajamas since I’ve been so far along in this pregnancy. But it wasn’t so bad. I modified several of the movements and definitely did the simplest option for most of the sections. But I still felt like I was getting a workout and keeping my body moving.

Day 2

Totally Transverse II, Pilates in Pajamas II, Pregnancy Stretching

I found Pilates in Pajamas II to be a little more challenging, and I made limited use of the weights but still felt like this could be modified to do during pregnancy. Pregnancy Stretching is always a welcome addition. I have most of the stretches memorized now, so I can do them with or without the video.

Day 3

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha, Tabata

I really like this as a maternity workout. The intervals make it easy to pause and catch my breath. Though I did shorten the workout slightly by not doing the last part on my back. But it was still a good routine. It is long, but I still think it’s worth the time and effort.

Day 4

Totally Transverse, Balanced, Simply Stretching

Balancing is really my favorite part of this workout. Yes, there are weights involved and I had to modify it in sections, but the best part is feeling how much I am still able to balance, even this far along.

I have to be so gentle doing Simply Stretching because of how tender so many of my muscles and joints are right now. But this workout contains a very significant stretch for me. The modified hurdler’s stretch is the only thing I’ve found that gently stretches my inner thigh and hip (as in where the ball and socket join together) which is where I have the majority of my pain especially at night. It’s a slow moving workout and it can be difficult to psyche myself up to do it sometimes but I’m always glad I did.

Day 5

Kelly Dean’s Total Body Workout

This workout continues to be one of the most well balanced ones on Fit2B. I definitely felt my tummy muscles were tired and my lower back was a little bit sore, but I got through it. Similar to Tabata, you can always take a break between sets or sections if you need to. At eight months pregnant I’m glad I can still even get through this one. I love that it incorporates everything I need, including stretches with no required equipment.

Day 6

Maternity III

While it does incorporate weights, this is still a very healthy pregnancy workout. Beth does include some stretching, but if you are like me and need lots of stretching, feel free to add a few of your own or do an additional stretching workout. Sometimes I had to do fewer reps than recommended with the weights and be very mindful of my stretched out core, but that’s OK. Better to do quality but simple movements than harder movements in poor alignment or with a compromised core.

I decided to only make this a six day workout schedule because I also took a few walks this week and I didn’t want to overtax myself with workouts on top of it. As I head into month eight of this pregnancy I’m going to be easing up a little bit on my schedule; fewer days, shorter workouts. But I don’t want to stop altogether because I want to have something left to actually deliver this baby with. Plus, hopefully that will make it easier to return to exercise after the baby is born. Next week I’ll be starting a series of reviews of all the workouts recommended on the Fit2B New Mama pathway, which is designed to be for pregnancy as well as postpartum. I hope you will join me.


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Fit2B Mama Week 2


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Fit2B Mama: Week 2

So guess what? It took me longer than a week to finish Week 2. I had a very rough week where sometimes I couldn’t walk, let alone exercise. But let this be a lesson. One bad week doesn’t mean you are done for good and as Beth always says, something is better than nothing.

Day 1

Mula Bandha, Basic Aerobics IV, Restorative Poses

I had to alternate doing Basic Aerobics IV with and without weights, it is quite a workout. I continue to love Restorative Poses. It is harder to find comfortable ways to lay into the stretches, even with lots of pillows (though my three year old also keeps stealing my pillows which doesn’t make it easier), but I still found it very soothing.

Day 2

Totally Transverse, Ankles and Upper Body, Warrior Workout

This combination really got my heart rate up (one of the issues with pregnancy I guess). The Warrior Workout is a little slow moving, but if allow myself to focus on quality of movement rather than high speed, it can be very relaxing and effective.

Day 3

Totally Transverse 2, Basic Step Aerobics, PMS Routine

Basic Step Aerobics is definitely a little easier and more pregnancy friendly than the second longer version. But if you are pregnant still take care. Make sure the step you are using isn’t too high and that your heart rate stays at a comfortable level. (Mostly because you don’t want to fall off the step or start feeling faint.) I don’t do most of the upper body movements, instead concentrating on the lower body. I’m grateful for the simplicity of the choreography as well, since I am not quite as coordinated as I used to be.

I haven’t done the PMS Routine in a while because I tend to prefer routines that are on the Roku. This is another great stretching workout to do when you are pregnant as long as you are aware of your body and modify as needed. I felt comfortable doing the hands and knees portion because I was splinting, if you aren’t then be cautious not to over strain your core in that position. I also chose to eliminate the closing section done on the back because of how tender my sacrum is, but it might work fine for you so feel free to try it.

Day 4

Transitions, Ultimate Upper Body

I am very grateful that Ultimate Upper Body is sitting down. That way I can work my upper body while still being able to concentrate on keeping good core the pelvic alignment. I’m not where I used to be, but doing the ocassional workout like this gives me hope that I will be able to get back into shape again, eventually. Transitions made a good warmup and even got my heart rate up a bit.

Day 5

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha, Basic Step Aerobics II, Simply Stretching

This is kind of a long combination, so you may find you need to do it at different times or even in shorter segments. That’s OK.

Basic Step II is very upbeat. In fact, I would call it one of the most cardio workouts I’ve done on Fit2B (a level of praise I usually reserve for Tabata Kick and Squat). The movements themselves aren’t that hard, it’s just that you don’t stop moving, and keep moving at a steady but pretty high pace. When you are pregnant, this can be a good thing, but you also need to be careful not to over tax yourself. The pause button is your friend. Take a few breaks for water and some nice deep belly breaths.

I am combining this with a stretching video, but you can choose to do that at another time, Bethany does a great stretch and cool down at the end of Basic Step II. I don’t know if I’ll be doing this much during the next two months, since my stamina is reducing as my pregnancy progresses, but I’m looking forward to coming back to it when I’m getting back in shape after pregnancy.

I haven’t done Simply Stretching in quite a while. (Still looking forward to when it gets added to the Roku channel). I was surprised how well I was able to balance for some of the stretches. Usually by this far along in pregnancy I have very little balance. But apparently despite my reduced stamina, my balance has been maintained which I attribute to Fit2B. This was an incredibly efficient stretching workout. It got several muscles that for whatever reason I haven’t managed to stretch in other workouts. Specifically some inner thigh and groin muscles which are super tight right now and make it difficult to move my legs properly. I’ll definitely be coming back to this one.

Day 6

Pelvic Floor Connections, Maternity Mix II

I like Maternity II a lot, but wow did it reveal this time how much mobility I’ve lost. I had to be very careful of my alignment during the side leg series to make sure to avoid the strange ligament popping sensation that I’ve developed. (It’s startling and uncomfortable and probably the result of all the hormones that are loosening my ligaments). For the first time I really couldn’t do the “thigh thing” as Bethany calls it. I tried to at least move my leg through the motion even if I had to support it with my hand or drag it on the floor, to help preserve some of my mobility. This was a hard moment for me because I’ve always been able to do this movement and it’s making me realize how limited I’ve become during this last trimester. (And still with 7 weeks or more to go).  But overall this is a great workout, it’s short but it does a little bit of everything.

Pelvic Foundations is a great workout because it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Do what you can and what you are comfortable with. There are portions of this that I do with care or not at all because of my tender sacrum, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get something great out of the workout.

Day 7

Squat Prep, Align it Flat

I wouldn’t necessarily do Squat Prep every week, but like Align it Flat, pregnancy changes the way you experience this workout. I find that I definitely need to make my squats wider to accommodate my growing belly but this provided some good reminders of proper positioning.

Whew, wasn’t sure I was going to get through this week but I’m feeling confident that if I keep doing something each day at least I’ll keep the momentum going.

Fit2B Mama Week 3


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Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 6


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Week 6 Goal: Complete 6 Fit2B routines of varying length

Thanks to a little bit of time off and some chiropractic care, I was finally able to tackle the final week of Fit2B Beginning.

Kelly’s Floor Core Workout

I will not be doing this workout again, because I’ve attempted it more than once and it is not working out with my pregnancy this time around. So please see below my former review of this. Hopefully I can get back to it after this pregnancy is over and I’m on the road to recovery.

This is a great workout if you need or want to be on the floor. It is entirely on the floor. As Kelly mentions in the workout, this will give you ideas if you are ever in a group fitness class and everyone else is doing crunches, so you don’t feel left out. I took a ballet class once where we did a ton of planks. I found myself wishing I had known a better alternative. (I usually opted for incline planes) So it’s nice to see a workout that includes one for crunches at least. Is this a favorite? No, because I prefer to work my core in a standing position. As Kelly also mentions, the core is stronger in a standing position so that’s what I shoot for. (That and my kids take any opportunity that I’m on the floor as a chance to wrestle).


Plain Ol’ Pilates

This is the second and probably last time I have done this workout this pregnancy. If nothing else, it has been an experiment in honoring my true range of motion and learning to modify movements. I was unable to do the series laying on my belly, so I opted to do some hands and knees work instead, splinting and engaging my core. During the final series laying on my back  I focused on heel sliders and belly breaths. I did briefly lift my knees to my chest to stretch which is how I discovered that while the chiropractic adjustments have been helping my mobility, my sacrum is still very sore. So I had to let go and just breath through the last section of this workout and accept that it just isn’t a good fit for me during the third trimester.



I was excited to be able to do this workout as prescribed with the dumbbells. Last time I made a lot of modifications, this time I had to make hardly any at all. Yes, it was hard, but not so hard that I wanted to quit. I’m excited to keep coming back to this to help with both my balance and my upper body strength.


Pelvic Floor Connections

The last few times I tried to do this video I had a lot of pain in sacrum. But I’ve been getting chiropractic treatment for the last two weeks and sleeping with much less pain so I decided to give it another try. There were definitely points, like during the shoulder bridge that I needed to really engage my glutes to makes sure I wasn’t hurting my lower back, but I was able to do it much more easily than in the past. During the final combination, I chose a large pillow instead of a stack of books and found that while I still had to be careful not to  turn the wrong way or accidentally tighten my lower back, I was able to do almost all of the final combination with less pain than when I had my sacrum resting on a stack of books. I’m not sure yet if I’ll keeping doing this regularly during the rest of my pregnancy. I may have to stick to Mula Banda for my pelvic floor work since it’s done standing. But I’ll definitely come back during my postpartum recovery.


Kelly’s Total Body Toning

I’m absolutely loving this workout, even during pregnancy. Yes, it is difficult and I almost always have to take a break during the arm portion, but it feels great to still be able to do a longer workout even when I’m this far a long.


Tummy Safe Tabata

I don’t know why I was so worried about this workout. I looked at the 30 minute length and remembered that it had seemed long in the past, but it actually makes a great maternity workout. The nature of Tabata is intervals of intensity with short intervals of rest. This is perfect for a maternity workout. I did choose not to do the final section of toe taps laying on the floor, but other than that, I was able to complete the rest of it without any real problem. Yes, it was hard work.


Week Six Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 25-30 minutes on two additional days. This can be cumulative, meaning that you do 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes after lunch. Also, be sure to take some time to CLICK over to The Tummy Team this week, especially if you feel like your core still isn’t responding due to deeper dysfunction.

Basic Aerobics IV

I realize that this workout is a little bit shorter than recommended, but I decided to do it anyway. I liked the idea of being able to actually complete a workout rather than having to cut short a longer one due to lack of stamina. I choose to use the weights this time and it definitely makes this workout more intense, but not painfully so. I appreciate Bethany’s continued reminders to make sure to engage the core. I also like that she frequently reminds us not to sacrifice quality for quantity; meaning don’t resort to bad form just to do more reps. Sometimes that meant putting down the weights or just taking a quick break between reps to do some belly breaths. I’ll definitely keep this one on my list as my pregnancy progresses.


This used to be one of my favorite workouts. Technically, I suppose it still is, but my pregnant body and I disagree about this. It was a very hard go round for me. I stopped often for drinks and to catch my breath, but I did manage to finish it. Not sure if I’ll come back to it this pregnancy or not, it depends on how I feel. But I’ll definitely be working back up to this postpartum.

Well it took me long enough, but finally I’ve finished the new Fit2B Beginning Pathway. I look forward to coming back to it again during my postpartum recovery. Up next is a few weeks of my own Fit2B Mama followed by Fit2B New Mamas. Plus I’ve decided to splurge on The Tummy Team Prenatal Program to help prepare me for labor and hopefully a quick recovery afterwards.


Just joining me? You can catch up here.

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You can use the coupon code laundryblog to save 30% off a Fit2B Studio yearly membership.

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