Fit2B Minimal: Week 2.5 – The Chair and Coughing Edition

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I was supposed to be introducing you to Week 3 of my series Fit2B Minimal. Instead I turned my ankle stepping of the bottom landing of my stairs and spent most of the week with my feet up hoping to recover well enough to dance the following Sunday in the performance at my church that I had been choreographing, teaching and practicing for the last three to four months. (The good news is that it worked, and I was able to perform but I’m continuing to try and take it easy).

So for the last week I’ve been focusing on my Daily Minimum, which fortunately were both chair workouts. I’ve also had a cough for three weeks that I can’t seem to shake. So instead of Week 3, I present my Week 2.5. Daily Minimum reviews plus some links to important info on how to protect your core when you have a cold.


Daily Core: Basic Transverse and Mula Bandha

I don’t often come back to this simple workout, but it really is a great way to return to my roots. I did fast forward through some of Beth’s opening pep talk (wonderful as it is) because I have done this many times before. But if you are new to it, it’s worth the extra couple of minutes. She says some very encouraging things about learning to love our bodies and honor the journey they have taken us on.


Daily Stretch: Neck Routine

This routine has been absolutely essential for the last week. It has helped relieve the tension from too much time spent in front of the computer and lots of time spent with my feet up while I heal my ankle. I love trying to incorporate the stretches (favorites like Stop and Drop and Prayer on the Side) into my day at other times, especially when I notice tension in my neck or I know I’m under stress.
Regarding the nasty cough I can’t seem to get rid of, as cold and flu season have arrived here in the North East, I refer you to Beth Learn’s posts

Protecting Your Abs When You’re Coughing & Sneezing

“Stressors can make you stronger, or they can weaken you further. It depends on how you face them, prepare for them, and recover from them.”

7 Cues for Protecting Your Core When You’re Fighting A Cold

“The list I’m about to give you reflects my notes on cues {because I’m a body nerd like that} that I tested on myself when I was in the thick of a head cold after a hard round of jumping on a trampoline. The specific situation we’re discussing here is how we deal with coughing, sneezing, and blowing our noses when our PF and TA are already a bit tired.”

Also, if you are out of commission for a bit, like I was with my ankle, check out the Sit and Get Fit pathway which features workouts which can be done seated or on the floor. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with my full review of the workouts from Week 3. Until the, take care of yourselves.


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Fit2B Minimal: Week 2

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This past week, my Daily Minimum really helped me. Some days the there was no way I was going to get through all of my workouts. But doing this, even if it was right before bed, helped to relax me before bed.
Daily Core: Vertical Core

This is a nice short core workout. Similar to Core Wake Up. Easy to squeeze in anywhere.
Daily Stretch: Shoulder Stretches

I’m really loving this new routine. Since I carry so much of my stress in my neck and shoulders, this is perfect for me right now.
Kelly’s Core Cardio

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this. About 2/3 of the way through I was so pleased that I was barely breathing heavily, but by the end I definitely felt like I got a good workout. Plus it’s always a treat to rotate anything with Kelly Dean into the mix, just for variety.


Ultimate Upper Body

Ok, so last week I said I don’t mind weights. Apparently I lied. I actually find weight lifting by itself kind of tedious. (As opposed to more integrated workout like Balanced or Weighted Warriors). But this workout isn’t too long and can ever be done sitting, if that’s what you need in order to properly engage your core.
Walking Workout

I decided to add weights to parts of this for the first time. It definitely bumped it up a notch without making it too difficult. You could definitely get your heart rate up with this one. (Mind you, I didn’t as much because I stopped four times to deal with my children fighting will emptying the dishwasher and doing a “fun” Christmas craft. Just being real here. Mom exercise involves a lot of stopping to deal with little people and their big problems).
Insane Upper Body

Every time I do this workout after long absence I find myself worrying that it will be too hard. It actually wasn’t too bad. Yes, it was challenging and I had to give my arms a couple of quick rests, but overall it was encouraging to feel the muscles of my arms working.

This is a nice short workout. It’s fairly full body without being high intensity. It’s called transitions for a reason, it provides a perfect bridge between the Foundational Five and more traditional workouts. It reminds me a little bit of a simpler Tabata of sorts.
Restorative Poses I

After a rough weekend, I finished my night with this workout and my Daily Minimum. It felt amazing, so relaxing and I’m convinced it helped me to sleep better.
Mula Bandha

I loved coming back to this workout again. I especially love the part done in tree pose. It’s nice to be able to integrate the core work and pelvic floor work and still keep the workout to around 11 minutes long. Another one I like to keep in the rotation and cycle back to regularly.
Having some to do every day has actually been almost relaxing. I still give myself a hard time when I miss a full workout. But knowing that I can accomplish something small, at any time of the day makes it easier. Seriously, I can squeeze my Daily Minimum in while the kids are eating breakfast, which dinner bakes in the over or before bed. If you are having a stressful time of year and you feel like exercise isn’t a possibly, try starting small and consistently. It will make a bigger difference than you realize.


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Fit2B Minimal: Week 1

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This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support. 

This is an very busy time of year and it’s easy to let exercise slide during times like this. But trying to avoid that is what the Fit2B Minimal is about.

If you do nothing else, try to do one or both of these workouts every day.

Daily Core: Core Wake Up
Daily Stretch: Face & Neck Yoga

Now if you are able here is a list of workouts, one for each day of the week to tackle when you are able. You don’t have to do everything at once either. Try doing Daily Core first thing in the morning and Daily Stretch before bed. Fit any other workouts in wherever you can.


Basic Aerobics II

Yes this is one of my favorite workouts, ever. Because when I only have 15 minutes, it makes me feel like I’m really putting in some effort to keep my body healthy.


Little Big Band Workout

This is a great upper body workout if you don’t have much time and don’t love using weights. I actually don’t mind weights, but my four year old gets into them constantly, so the band feels safer. (Though he did actually snap one of my older ones) Beth Learn also points out in this workout that it is very portable.


Basic Aerobics III

Yep, same as Basic Aerobics II. Love it. Fast and functional. Good stuff.


Ankles & Upper Body

I love this workout because it allows me to get some arm and leg work in quick. No sweat, no fuss. A few small pieces of equipment (stretchy band and dumbbells)but it works great even if you don’t have those. (A few cans of soup, bottles or jugs of water and a stretchy scarf or even a pair of pants, will work just fine).


Kelly Dean Wall Workout

So I was pretty sick this week, but I didn’t want to get too far off track. This workout is short, and while not super easy, it can be modified if you aren’t feeling great.
Scarf It Down

This is a fun little workout. I was tempted to use it as a Daily Minimum, but it works great as a stand alone on a busy day when you don’t have time for much more.


Pelvic Floor Connections

I do fast forward a lot of the teaching in this workout, but it still has some good exercises to remember. While Mula Bandha is my favorite pelvic floor workout, this one really breaks everything down for you if you’ve never done anything like this before. Especially great when recovering from pelvic floor rehab.
I was surprised how much doing my daily minimum felt a little silly, and yet I liked the feeling of consistency. As we approach the holidays with lots of busyness (and in our case travel and preparing to move house), the consistency of doing at least something small, the same something small most days, is very appealing.


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Why is Fit2B Worth it? The Reasons I Splurge Every Year on a Subscription to My Favorite Fitness Site

plus size woman exercising on mat at home

Any of you who have been reading my blog for a while know how much I love this fitness site. I was promoting it even before they had an affiliate program. I tell people about it in the park and the grocery store. Because as a mom, it has made exercise fit into my life instead of my life having to revolve around finding time for fitness.

Why is Fit2B Different?

What makes Fit2B unique is the focus on Tummy safe fitness. Most women who have had a child (and even some who haven’t, and some men as well) can suffer from diastasis recti. Basically it’s a separation of the abdominal muscles (the rectus abdominis) and the thinning of the linea alba connective tissue. This is why sometimes women continue to look pregnant for years after having babies, and men seem to have perpetual beer guts, even if they are fit and muscular in other areas.


Now when this happens, many traditional forms of exercise designed to whittle our middles (things like crunches and planks) can actually make diastsis recti worse! Beth Learn has been a fitness professional for years but didn’t learn about the value of Tummysafe fitness until she developed an abdominal separation herself and became educated as she went through abdominal rehabilitation. This inspired her to devote her fitness site to helping people rebuild their bodies, and to meet each member at whatever level he or she is at. There is no such thing as a one-size fit’s all approach for Fit2B.

Why is Fit2B Worth it to Me?

I’ve been a member for Fit2B for the last four years. Not by chance, but deliberately because of all the value it adds to my life.

It Makes Finding Time to Exercise Easier

For me, it’s all about the Roku channel. But I know some people prefer to use the site directly via their computers and others love the new Mobile app. I can get a workout up and running in seconds, before I have time to talk myself out of it or get interrupted by my kids. Sometimes I don’t have time to change into workout wear, or I have to run out the door and can’t get too sweaty. If it’s almost bedtime and I just want something gentle to unwind or I only have 15 minutes but I want something to get my heart pumping, Fit2B has all of that.

Fit2B Builds Us Up, Instead of  Tear Us Down

No matter how you use it, it’s refreshing to find a site that not only promotes good fitness but healthy attitudes about our bodies. Nothing about what Beth Learn does is about destruction, not your body or your will. She’s all about loving the body you’re in, even if it’s not as healthy, as fit, as skinny or as strong as you’d like. She reminds her members often to honor the journey each of our bodies has been through, even if that journey included some things that have damaged and traumatized us. She constantly redirects us back toward healing our hurts and loving our bodies. This is something I need so much. I haven’t bounced back as well as I expected after this third baby, and it’s been very discouraging. Being part of Fit2B has helped me to refocus my energy on being healthy and strong rather than obsessing about a particular number on the scale or size of clothing.

The Users Provide a Loving and Supportive Online Community

The Fit2B Member Facebook forum is a wonderful place to get encouragement and support. Beth does her best to keep this as much of a drama free zone as possible. But it is still a safe space to share your discouragements and ask questions, even difficult and personal ones. (There is no such thing as TMI when it comes to women’s health issues on the forum). I’ve seen total strangers rally around each other to support and encourage after difficult births, miscarriages, surgeries, medical diagnosis and the desperation that comes with chronic pain. I think it is one of the wonderful unsung benefits of a Fit2B membership.


What is Premium Membership?

I want to highlight when I think is one of the best deals of the Cyber Monday Sale: The Premium Membership. This is a new product that has just started being offered this year. You get an annual membership to Fit2B and lock in the rate at $99 for future years. That’s a big deal because while Beth and her business partners try to keep the prices low, the more they improve and add to the site (it’s already at over a 100 workouts) the more it costs to maintain. So yes, ever couple of years, the price has bumped up a bit. So purchasing a Premium Membership allows you to keep renewing each year at a fixed rate (The budget friendly part of me loves this because I know how much to set aside each year to pay my membership). But it doesn’t stop there. The Premium Membership also includes access to the four most popular of the Fit2B e-courses. (Plus, once you are the member you can purchase future e-courses at a discount).

If this has intrigued or inspired you at all, please check out the Surprise New Year’s sale at Fit2B Studio.


Premium Membership for only $ 129, consults with Beth $69. No coupon code needed! Start the year off right by investing in healing and wholeness for yourself.

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Fit2B Minimal: Building Consistent Exercise Into a High Stress Time

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The last month has been really rough at my house, especially the last two weeks. I’ve spent most of my time trying to get our house ready to show to tenants, which with three small children is no small task. Exercise has taken a complete back seat. I’ve been patching, sanding, painting, and cleaning. But with the holidays coming up I didn’t want to let this become a long term habit. So I came up with a way to keep myself on track.

Every week, I will pick a short core and short relaxing workout. If I do nothing else, each day, I will do those; my daily minimum. Whenever possible I will pair them with other short workouts. (You’ll see a lot of familiar choices from my Fit2B Quick series). While there will definitely be a lot of old favorites featured (Yes, Basic Aerobics II and III I’m talking to you), but I’m also looking forward to trying some new workouts.

Even as our family is going through a period of incredibly high stress, I want to encourage anyone else going through something similar that it’s OK to do the minimum for a while. As Kelly Dean and Beth Learn like to say, consistency beats intensity. If you only manage a few minutes of a workout before being interrupted, that’s more than you would have done otherwise. Even if all you do is a few belly breathes or neck rolls during moments of tension, it all adds up.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 2.5

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