How Do I Inspire Them?


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I’ve always loved to read. To me, reading was like magic. It opened the world to me. When we decided we were going to home school our children, I was ecstatic about sharing my love of reading with them. But it hasn’t always worked out that way.

There is a saying in certain home school circles, “Inspire not require.” As a natural born student and a life long learner, this made perfect sense to me. But no one explained to me how to do it. When my daughter would rather draw or play outside than do math, I feel torn. Because my brain says “She can’t just go through life only doing what she wants.” and my heart dies a little at ever telling a child they can’t create or explore.

I keep hoping that we’ll find the right book and suddenly the light will come on and she will love the written word. So far she loves audio books and graphic novels. So I read articles about which books are the best for reluctant readers. I find every decent graphic novel adaptation of classic books.

How do you inspire someone? The people who have inspired me most were mostly just being themselves and doing what they love most. So I will read to her, talk to her about reading and let her see me reading. Hopefully she’ll get the message.




One thought on “How Do I Inspire Them?

  1. Bethany,
    I feel like I’m a bit like your daughter lately–I seem to be only reading non-fiction lately, but I’m trying to get into fiction again. It’s a slow process. I love audiobooks. I just found this podcast today, Levar Burton Reads (I was so excited to find out he was from Reading Rainbow). Maybe you could encourage your daughter with those since she likes audioboks. And continue letting her see you read. She’ll catch on. 🙂

    Visiting from fmf. ❤ We're neighbors this week.

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