Cookies on the Couch


Photo Credit: valeehill Flickr via Compfight cc

We haven’t had a date in the long time. At the end of June we were lucky enough to have a day (as in 24 hours) without the kids. We stayed the night at a local hotel having dinner in their beautiful on site restaurant and breakfast the next day. I realize how lucky I was to have that time. And yet , I’m feeling the need for another break.

We try to find time for the two of us, but with a house full of boxes and a to-do list of renovation tasks, a real date, the kind with a leisurely meal and my husband’s undivided attention without the adorable but persistent voices and needs of our little people, is likely any time soon. Now that the clock is ticking for the big move, yet another reason beyond the usual daily distraction gets in the way.

So we need to find other ways to connect. A cookie each sitting on the couch watching a sitcom hardly takes the place of a date, but it’s better than nothing. Going to bed early to read, talk and cuddle isn’t the same as an evening out of my crazy house, but it is still a time to rest and connect with each other.

Hopefully when the dust settles we’ll find time or one of those idyllic evenings of looking into each others eyes and having real conversations without pausing to wipe up anything or anyone. Or perhaps we’ll have to settle for evenings of cookies on the couch for a while longer.




3 thoughts on “Cookies on the Couch

  1. Just popping in from the write 31 days challenge. I am #19 on the #write31days list. 🙂 It’s so good to see what everyone else is doing. Here’s wishing you and your hubby a good time with your cookie on the couch dates… may they fill a need for closeness until you can have time away.

  2. Ah, I remember those days all too well! Our nest is empty now, but we work at a boarding school and often have a house full of kids anyway. We went on a month-long date this summer ;).

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