I Need To Go Through the Wardrobe Again



As a mom my life is so often devoted to practicality. I’m busy figuring out who needs what, when and how. I don’t have the time I used to for fantasy. Yet in my daughter especially, I see so much of the rich imagination that I had as a child. The hours spent reading, playing with dolls. (I played with paper dolls well into my early high school years), later writing creative stories.

Like stepping into Narnia and being so engaged that no time seems to have passed. I miss the chance to fully engage with my imagination. Yes, I dream about the future, about a new house where we’ll each get a little personal space or a peaceful backyard to sit in. But I don’t really muse and day dream the way I used to.

I need to go through the wardrobe again. To find the wonder and the magic that I’ve lost. The ability to leave it all behind.(If only returning really was as if no time had passed)





3 thoughts on “I Need To Go Through the Wardrobe Again

  1. First of all, I loved your introduction to the challenge. You are so right– This world needs more REAL and RAW. So thank you for bringing that to the table 🙂
    I loved today’s post about discovering imagination again. It is so sad how our daringness to imagine slowly fades with age and busyness. Like you, I want to hop into that wardrobe and discover the magic all over again!
    Thanks for sharing your gift of writing. 🙂

    1. Kaitlin, thank you so much for stopping by. I always try to walk the delicate balance between honesty and oversharing. But I also think that for all the oversharing we do on social media, we still don’t talk enough about the important things that shouldn’t be kept in the dark. That’s why I try to be open about my miscarriage, my struggles with depression and anxiety and what it’s like being married to someone who suffers from depression. Thanks so much for following me during 31 days.

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