Hurry Up, But Slow Down: Five Minute Friday


Suddenly he has teeth, he’s pushing himself up to sitting and he’s desperately trying to crawl. As he’s finally growing and gaining healthfully, I find myself torn because I want him not to grow so fast. This last baby of mine.


I wish he would hurry up and grow, leaving behind the era of feigned helplessness and frustrating drama. I know some of it is personality, but I’m eager for an age where there is a little more logic at his disposal. Where every day isn’t damage control and lessons about personal space can be more easily taught. (He stands over my should as I type trying to reach over me to spell his name on the keyboard.) But I know that somehow, when he’s moved beyond this trying stage, that there will be things I miss. Perhaps not many, but some. His charm, his generous compliments (though I won’t miss the equally plentiful insults). My wonder at his sudden ability to read, as if from nowhere.


Seven approaches at high speed and I realize that the teenage years are less than halfway here. Her will is as strong as iron, but she is slowly developing some empathy for others (though not usually for her younger brother). She has strong opinions and struggles with taking correction. She slowly navigates the world of reading and I resist the urge to rush her forward. I keep thinking how much easier things will be when she can read, and do most things for herself. But I know she won’t always want to sit beside me and hold my hand.



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7 thoughts on “Hurry Up, But Slow Down: Five Minute Friday

  1. You have a beautiful family. Stopping by from five minute Friday to say hello. It’s hard not to wish away the demanding seasons, isn’t it? Blessings!

  2. Love this. So empathize with what you share here. Mine are 3 and 6 (both girls)…and I’ve wanted them to grow up, but also slow down. Thank you for this beautiful post…was a pleasure to read.

  3. hi bethany:), i’m your next door neighbor at FMF. i can identify with the theme of you blog when my kids were the ages of yours:) now my youngest is 39! the time really does fly. my grands are now 4-13. i don’t get to see most of them as often as i would like, but i do get to see them. we live near one set of grands thankfully.

    the grace of GOD will be with you as you raise them, as you say goodbye to them and as you watch their families grow:)

    1. Yes, having grandparents near is a wonderful blessing! My parents see our kids at least once a week. Whenever we think about moving, we remember the benefit to that important relationship.

  4. I definitely resonate with your thoughts about family! I have three as well – almost 5, 3.5 and 1.5 and it can be really tough, though incredibly beautiful at the same time 🙂

  5. This is great – looking at each stage, each child, recognizing how we long for the growth but fear it at the same time. A good reminder that the years are short – no matter how much I hate it when people tell me that – it’s important to remember! Someone asked me today what my favorite stage is and I responded with “I don’t think I’ve hit it yet” (my eldest is 4.5). A scary truth, but truth none-the-less. I pray each day to enjoy the moments. Thanks for sharing this!

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