Fit2B Foundational Five + ecourse


Now that I’m five months past the birth of my son, I really wanted to get my exercise regime back together. It has been a real struggle. I’ve set a few ground rules for myself. Exercise only five days a week. Either I take weekends off or I can make up for a rough week, either way, I don’t feel the pressure to do every day yet. Sometimes I can’t think past today and my goal is, do SOMETHING today.

This is the first time doing a pregnancy and now postpartum period with Fit2B and I wasn’t sure where to start. But I’ve been wanting to review the new Foundational 5+ ecourse, so that seemed like an excellent way to start.

So where am I starting? At about 20 lbs above my ideal weight. Now, this program is NOT about weight loss. However, Beth encourage us to take waist measurements, as well as weigh ourselves before taking on this course. I have a diastasis measured at 2-3-1 (if you are new at this, that means approximately 3 fingers at the navel, two above and one below). When I was lucky enough to have Beth Learn measure my belly two weeks ago, she told me my separation is pretty deep and my muscles are very disconnected. (I credit the extra weight I carry around my middle for part of this). This is worse than I was hoping given all the core work I did during pregnancy trying to prevent this. I also have an umbilical hernia which grew larger during this third pregnancy than it was at the end of my second one.

Beth also encourages us to take pictures of our bellies. I’ll admit, I didn’t do that. Partially because I find seeing myself in a mirror a little bit distressing still. I look and feel so different than ever before, after this third child, which I’m still coping with. But I’ve been told by others that belly pictures can be encouraging as you can visually see the progress

One of the great things about this course is that if you aren’t sure if you want to join Fit2B, this is a great purchase. You get access to all the Foundational Five workouts, plus a few more. It’s a perfect way to get started. (It might also make a great gift for someone in your life looking to start or restart their fitness).

Next week I’ll begin reviewing the routines, and talking about how I feel as I return to fitness again. If you are just recovering from pregnancy or looking to start exercise again after a long break, please join me on this journey.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Because Friendship Always Matters


My mom just celebrated her birthday. I won’t say which one, but it was a major milestone one. We wanted to do something special but my sister and I couldn’t come up with anything special enough. We knew she didn’t want a party. My husband, ever the introvert, said “If It was me, I’d want a visit from one of my oldest friends.”

So we set it up. Flurries of emails and text messages passed back and forth, making sure all the while that my mom didn’t accidentally find out. My mother believed my sister and I were taking her to breakfast. So I arrived first and we chatted. My sister waited for our surprise guest, my mom’s oldest friend and her husband. They rang the door bell, I let them in and my sister got the whole thing on video.

I’ve never seen my mom so surprised, but also so pleased. Of course their were tears of joy, from almost all of us. Because no matter how old we are, we always need friends. My mom has lived seven hours from her oldest friend for her entire married life. But they’ve always managed to pick up where they left off. Sometimes they see each other once a year, but in this case, it had been nearly five years.

I’m in a season of my life where friendship is hard. My days are filled with tiny people with big needs. A quick smile and wave on the way out of church, a conversation at MOPS, the occasional Facebook or text message; these are the ways I manage to connect in small ways. But it’s not the same as a girls night playing games or a long conversation over coffee. It’s hard to build the kind of friendship that will last through the years, but somehow my mom has managed that.

So what does this mean to me? That it’s worth preserving relationships that matter, even if it’s inconvenient or difficult. But it’s also worth pursuing new friendships as awkward as it can feel in the beginning, because you never know when you might create a connection that could last.


I Say “Forget it” But I Really Mean . . . Five Minute Friday


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“Oh, forget it!” I say. But what I really mean is “I can’t muster the energy to repeat myself again.”

“Never mind.” I grumble. But I really want to say “It isn’t fair that I have to do all of this work on my own. Listen for once and come help me.”

“It doesn’t matter.” But it does matter.

Deep in the trenches of the crazy season of an active almost four year old (how can he be almost four already?), a sassy, six year old and a five month old who’s needs are changing daily; it’s easy to feel alone.

Because the buck always stops with mommy. Yes, I have a loving and supportive husband who is an involved dad. But he is only here a few hours a day. I am the default parent. The twenty-four hour kin keeper.

Sometimes it takes too much energy to repeat myself again and I just give up trying to communicate. When no one else (by which I mean my children) can be motivated (through encouragement, cooperation or punishment) to help with the daily tasks needed to keep the house going, it falls on me.

I am neither happy homemaker nor bitter martyr, at least not yet. I’d rather toward being the former than the latter. Because, yes, I want to train them up so they can care for themselves and their households one day. But other times I don’t want to referee one more fight over whose turn it is to use the toilet brush or threaten removal of privileges just to get clothes put away and toys picked up.

I say forget it, but what I really mean is “Remember me? I don’t need a parade or a medal, I’d at least like appreciation and respect, or perhaps a little cooperation. I know I’m not owed it, but it would certainly help make these long days a bit easier.”


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Why Can’t I Be Supermom? Five Minute Friday


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I cannot do everything. I have two hands, one set of ears, and another of eyes. (Sometimes I wish they could work independently of each other, but that just isn’t how life works). If I had to say what the hardest transition to three children has been, it’s that more than ever (though certainly not for the first time), it seems like there needs to be more than one of me.

One for the never ending piles of housework. One to spend quality time with the big kids and manage their education in the way I wish I could. One to give the baby the undivided attention and care that he needs. Another to plan and make from scratch, healthy meals for the family and deal with the inevitable clear up afterwards. Yet another to be a strong and rested support support for my husband.

But there is only one of me. I move from task to ask throughout my day, limited in time, energy and focus. Constantly trying to prioritize. Which is more important: reading a book to my son or finishing cooking dinner? Cleaning the bathroom or dealing with the piles of laundry? Breaking up a fight between my older children or pumping breast milk for the baby?

I have accepted that I have limits, but I have yet to fully make peace with it. It always feels as though if I could just work a little faster or if I was just a little better, somehow I would be able to get it all done. (I know this isn’t true but it doesn’t stop me from trying whenever I forget). Supermom is a myth. So why can’t I stop trying to be her?

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Sharing Hope at NC4 MOPS: Hosting Beth Learn of Fit2B Studio


I had the immense privilege of hosting Beth Learn at our MOPS group in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, yesterday. It was a rather frantic morning, with mamas trying to get their little ones packed up and to the church amid some light snowfall. But Beth and her lovely daughter Petra took the whole thing in stride and just knit right in. (Including trying to comfort my almost four year old son when he managed to break a glass jar on the floor of the church foyer.)

Beth gave a great talk about how we are wonderfully made, but for some of us childbirth has broken parts of us. Yet, we are made to heal. Women used to heal naturally but our lives and culture, especially in the Western world have so changed that healing doesn’t happen as easily or automatically as it used to.

She was down to earth, talking real world problems and properly named body parts with quite a bit of humor but no self-consciousness or shame. She was kept busy both before and after her talk, checking bellies, dispensing samples of Tummy Cream, and giving hope and encouragement. (Seriously, she didn’t even sit down to eat so she could see as many ladies as possible).

There were so many inspiring things that she said, but a few stuck out to me.

We are not meant to be a burnt offering, but a living sacrifice.

We may have to sacrifice our bodies for our children but that doesn’t mean we aren’t meant to heal and build them back up again. It is a lie that me must remain broken.

Our husbands are our partners in this healing journey.

We think we need to keep our body problems and issues a secret from, but they are made to handle it. (As Beth put it, if her husband can gut deer, he can handle monthly periods and childbirth). We also need to help raise our little boys to know about the needs and requirements of girls’ and women’s bodies. (Obviously in age appropriate times and ways). Some day they will be holding hands in delivery rooms and we want them to be ready.

I was so honored to meet Beth Learn in person, and hearing her speak has only increased my passion for her message of hope. It’s not about being skinny or bikini ready, ladies. It’s about honoring our bodies and helping them to be strong and ready for our lives.




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A Stitch in Time: Five Minute Friday

11839092953_de171d9c45_o (1)

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Knit until last 3 stitches, then K2tog, K1. This used to look like another language to me. I remember the early months of sitting in my college dorm room as we talking politics and tried to figure out who to add this new domestic skills to our otherwise very intellectual arsenal. I remember the late nights in my first apartment waiting for my husband to come home from class. Watching Law & Order and teaching myself new stitches. The years of waiting for the baby season and making dozens of baby blankets for friends and setting a few aside for my future children. I learned to make clothes, more complicated afghans. Every time I added a new skills it required that I slow down and focus more on what I was doing. It was often frustrating because it required more concentrated energy. It no longer became a smooth flowing process with a somewhat predictable result.


Parenting has become much like this. It’s like learning a new language and calculating a new currency all of once. Each time a new issue is raised, I have to slow everything else down. Give that new thing more of my attention and energy. Yes, it’s easy to stick to familiar patterns and methods. But since no two kids are the same, it may not and often doesn’t work.  It’s inconvenient to give a particular child or issue my extra attention because there is so much else vying for my time. I know the end result is not guaranteed. I can follow instructions to the letter and things still may not turn out the way I want them.

But I also know the joy of a completed project, that even in it’s flaws is beautiful. Why my son picks up his room when I ask the first. When my children enjoy an activity together without fighting. Watching my daughter occupy her baby brother without being asked. There is hope that someday this may become second nature and that things may go smoothly, at least for a time.


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