First: Five Minute Friday


They always want to be first. First into the car, first out. They race to kiss me good night (and often miss the kiss in the process). Though I rarely see them race to pick up their toys I wonder how it is that everything is a competition and a hurry.

Depending on how you read the stats, I’m probably at least a third of the way through my life and for the first time I want to slow it down. I want to linger in the smiles with my baby boy, the cuddles with my three year old and  read aloud more to my six year old (preferably without constant interruption). I don’t want to hurry onto the next thing as much (perhaps with the exception of being debt free and finding a bigger house with more room for our growing family).

But I remember being so young that school days lasted forever, the time until a friend arrived to play was an eternity. I always wanted to be first in line but last to leave the party.  They can’t see past today, this moment. Everything has to be now. I know that part of me is still this way, being tired of waiting and wanting things to be perfect now. But I also know that being first isn’t always better, and hurry and worry don’t make the journey any shorter or more enjoyable.


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4 thoughts on “First: Five Minute Friday

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ve always struggled with slowing down, but since this baby is probably going to be my last, I’m finding that the days are going much too fast and I want to slow down to soak them in.

  1. I laughed when I read about cleaning up first as something that doesn’t happen often with children–not with mine or with me either. But when it comes to being first in the car, they’ll run over each other for the prized “first” position.
    I am like that with faith sometimes, I want to be first when it comes to having it “together” or a position of prominence but am slow when God points out some “cleaning up” He wants to do in my heart. Then I am a turtle.
    Children are wonderful mirrors of the human heart.

    I’m glad to be visiting from FMF #55.

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