My Fit2B Birth


I’ve been using Fit2B as my primary fitness source for more than two years. During that time I continued to teach and perform dance, and ran two 5k’s. But all along it came back to Fit2B. But my third (and probably final) pregnancy was the first one since I had made Fit2B part of my life. I was hoping that it would make a huge difference during my pregnancy and especially my delivery.

Things didn’t workout exactly as I’d hoped. I didn’t do any perfect pushing, the baby came out rather of his own free will. There was no peaceful belly breathing as he emerged. Lots of uncontrolled screaming.



While Fit2B (and the Tummy Team) kept me active and engaged with my core through my whole pregnancy, I didn’t avert diastasis as I’d hoped. But I’ve been trying to look for the positives. While I didn’t stay as active as I wanted during the pregnancy, (the summer heat really did me in) at least it kept me moving. Even if only did one of the Foundational Five or a stretching workout at least that was something. During my delivery I did lots of squats and I was expecting pain in my quads, calves and upper arms the next day. I didn’t have any. So in the end it felt as though Fit2B had prepared me for delivery, just not in the ways I expected.


I know what I need to do to recover. I don’t always do it, but educating myself has been a good thing. I’ve never weighed this much or been so aware of the lack of tone in my stomach. But I’m trying to even use that awareness as a positive. Maybe it was like this after my other pregnancies and I just wasn’t aware of it. (I didn’t discover Fit2B until my second child was more than a year old). I engage my transverse, doing squeeze and releases as well as transverse holds while I pump four to six times a day. I’m slowly trying to incorporate the Foundational Five back into my life. (You can check back next week as I start reviewing the Foundation Five+ course).

If nothing else I try to keep my core engaged and be at least somewhat aware of my alignment throughout the day. This program isn’t magic. Its results vary depending on your body, but what I have learned is that the education it provides and the encouragement of its creators and members has gone a long way toward keeping me going when I wanted to quit. It’s easy to feel discouraged right now, because it feels like I’m starting from the beginning, but I’m not. My body may need recovery and healing but at least I have the tools to do it.


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Rest Unto Your Soul: Five Minute Friday


I’ve been wondering for weeks how to best sum up the last two months of my life. This prompt is the perfect opportunity, though I can’t promise it will only take me five minutes.

The 3 AM alarm sounds. Time to feed the baby. My husband and I drag ourselves from bed, I usually have to wake him myself. Nurse the baby, burp the baby, nurse the baby, gloved tongue and lip stretches, bottle feed the baby, pump, back to bed. The only comfort I can take being that I have a partner in this chaos, (without him the whole process would take much longer) and that I can remember when we did this every three hours at night rather than four.

Our life as a family of five has not been as I expected. Slow growing baby with reflux, poor nursing and tongue tie. The two older children have not adjusted as I had hoped. Round the clock, nurse, bottle, pump, repeat. Fitting laundry, meals and care for the other kids in between. Weary doesn’t begin to describe it.

Christmas is approaching fast and instead of my usual excitement over the Advent season, I feel as though clouds are gathering for a storm. The work, the travel, the budget, trying to find balance between enjoyment and unnecessary extravagance. I want to feel the weight of glory, the thrill of anticipation, not a growing sense of dread.

For some reason I can’t get Handel’s Messiah out of my mind. When I used to sing choral music it was one of my favorites.

Take His yoke upon you, and learn of Him,
for He is meek and lowly of heart,
and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
(From Matthew 11:29)

Yes, I need rest, not just for my body but for my soul. I want to rest my weary head beside the manger and find the peace that is lacking. To explore what it feels like to be the mother of a baby boy as we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. I may not have the energy to bake dozens of cookies or decorate my house to Pinterest perfection; but I can be expectant; watching and waiting for the weariness to fade and be replaced by wonder.


(I typed most of this post with one hand, a baby on my other arm. I should get bonus points for that).