Tummy Team Prenatal Core Week 1: Awareness


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Week 1: Focus of the Week – Awareness

Kelly suggested that as you start the program you take note of how you feel right now.

How do I feel now? I have a lot of tailbone and SI joint pain. I’ve been striving already to use proper active sitting, but I definitely have a lot of mid-back (or what Kelly Dean calls bra-strap pain). One of the difficulties about pregnancy is that the body is changing week by week. So what hurts and what doesn’t changes constantly. A great way to sit correctly last week might not work anymore this week. My groin muscles especially on the right side, tend to stretch and pull easily if I’m not careful and intentional about my movements. (I avoid straight bending forward whenever possible, instead opting to squat or make someone else pick up whatever it is.)

Even with the splinting, I am very aware of the pull of gravity on my belly and while lower back pain has been kept to a minimum, I am starting to feel it more now.

Trying to fit in all the transverse holds and belly breaths hasn’t been easy, but I’m trying to find triggers throughout my day. Even if it means doing a few in a doctor’s office waiting room, at a red light or during church. (Actually church is my favorite because the chairs in our sanctuary provide ideal back support and I can sit in proper alignment more easily than anywhere else in my life). I am remembering more often to engage my transverse, and I’m definitely noticing some upper back fatigue as a result. I’m looking forward to seeing what Week 2 has in store.

Tummy Team Prenatal Core Week 2: Connection

The Tummy Team


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