Reluctantly Team Blue: Five Minute Friday


Another boy. I felt a little disappointed but somehow not surprised. It really shouldn’t have mattered to me either way, at least so others continually told me. After all, I already have one of each. But sometimes the heart longs for things that can’t be explained. Even though my daughter continues to be a challenge and everyone keeps assuring me that boys are easier as they get older (something my three year old has yet to prove). But after six years, the boxes of little girl’s clothes in my attic called my name.

It seemed as though almost everyone I know was having girls this time around. Not that it mattered, but it did make the news a bit more painful. There was nor shortage of girls. God just wasn’t sending any my way this time. This was likely to be our last pregnancy, and it hadn’t been easy so far. I wasn’t sure which was worse, my own disappointment or trying to comfort my six year old who had fervently prayed for a girl. A sister or a cousin would do. But neither are forthcoming. Instead at the end of September she will be the only girl with two brothers, and four boy cousins, three of whom live locally.

I told myself that I was fine and that I should be grateful, and I was. But there were some days of mourning where I felt like this was ruining everything. All my plans and hopes for my family. Of course I felt guilty for feeling this way which only make matters worse. But slowly I’m coming to terms with it. I’m starting to imagining myself with another baby boy. (I can’t yet picture myself as the mother of boys, plural. I think that will take more time).

The name choosing is feeling impossible. (Of course we had a ready girl name that we’ve had saved for almost four years). So for now I’m just giving myself permission to walk through the process. I’m taking out baby boy clothes and taking inventory (my son was a March baby, this one will be the end of September). I’ve even started purging and giving away little girl’s clothes for the first time. There have been moments of sadness, but also comfort about passing on some of my favorite items and joy at the thought of seeing a favorite dress float by in church or at the park.

I know that when he arrives I will be happy and hopefully by then he will have a name.

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Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 2


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Week 2 Goal: Four 12-15 minute Fit2B routines + Stretch

This consistent exercise thing is really difficult. It’s hard enough to keep up with everyday life while dealing with the rigors of pregnancy, but finding the time and energy to exercise.

Align it Flat 

I’ll admit that I  often find this workout a little long, and if you are looking for an opportunity for serious cardio, this is not it. But since I am approaching this Beginning Pathway from a prenatal perspective, I thought it would be worth giving this workout another chance. It is definitely different doing this while pregnant. My whole alignment is altered, and I’m on in my second trimester. But I’m also hopeful that a periodic review of this will help with my common aches and pains and help prevent them this time around.

Standing Chair Yoga

I haven’t done this workout since I first tried the Fit2B Beginning Pathway two years ago. I opted to do it as an after dinner or before bed stretch and cool down. It worked well for that. It was gentle enough that I didn’t sweat, but it also helped workout any muscle tension from my day. This is good for pregnancy because the chair helps with any balance issues that happen along the way.

Warrior Workout I 

I used this workout as another pre-bedtime cool down after a walk with my husband and kids. It got my muscles and joints limber but still didn’t feel like a hard core workout. This is one I’ll definitely be continuing to use throughout my pregnancy.

Basic Aerobics

I opted by for Basic Aerobics III instead of the original Basic Aerobics. Either is fine, I just happen to prefer the Basic Aerobics III. I like that it’s short and manageable and it’s easy to fit in almost any time. Plus I still feel like I’m getting a good, strong workout in that time.

I didn’t manage to do a specific stretching routine, but I have been trying to incorporate as much of the Pregnancy Stretching video into my daily life as possible.

Week Two Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 15-20 minutes on two additional days.

Kelly’s Core Cardio

I’ve done this workout many times before, but not since I got pregnant. It has been surprising helpful at producing movement in my SI joint and tailbone and relieving some of the pain and stiffness I get. Who knew that shadow hula hooping (what I call Kelly’s hula hooping without a hoop) would help so much. Kelly always incorporates all my favorite stretches into her workouts as well, so I feel like I’m getting at tiny bit of core rehab in every workout.

I also went for a walk with my husband and kids. While the speed wasn’t terribly high, in my current state I think it still qualified as cardio. I did walk quickly behind my daughter while she was on her scooter.

Week 2 done, Week 3 is going to be tough, but I keep clinging to the idea that I can continue to be active during pregnancy and in fact, doing so may give me a healthier pregnancy. I hope so.

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Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 1


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Fit2B Beginning

I first did the original Fit2B Beginning pathway over a year ago. Since then, tons of great new workouts have been added to Fit2B, so I decided to do this pathway again as a sort of second trimester prenatal pathway. (As always, listen to your body. Each pregnancy is different and if something hurts or just doesn’t feel right, don’t do it or modify it).

I’m surprised by how hard it has been to keep up with my exercise goals this time around. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy fatigue or just the craziness of life with two, but some days it is really hard to simultaneously find the time and energy. But it’s reminding me that something is always better than nothing.

Week 1 Goal: Four 10-12 minute routines + PFC*

Choose a routine from “Sit & Get Fit”

I choose Chair Pilates, or if you are following this as part of a maternity exercise regimen, substitute Maternity Mix I if you wish, which is also a chair workout. I found this to be so soothing that I think I’ll be incorporating a chair workout or two a week as an evening cool down.

Ankles & Upper Body

I continue to love this workout. It works my upper body without making me sweat too much. While I know a longer workout would provide a more intense experience, sometimes all I have is ten minutes, so this is perfect.


I don’t have a true foam roller so that obvious affects my using of this workout.  (I use a rolled up yoga mat). But I still found it to be interesting. I don’t know that it will make my favorites list, but it’s still worth trying from time to time.

The Big {little} Band Workout

This is a fun little workout. I’ve always like resistance bands and it was fun to have a workout that incorporates them so centrally. (My six and three year old enjoyed grabbing my smallest bands and trying to do them along with me.) While I appreciate the short length of this workout that makes this easier to fit in anywhere, I look forward to a longer version in the future.

Pelvic Floor Connections

This is my second time doing this workout. It is certainly interesting. Since I never had too much trouble connecting with my pelvic floor it’s hard for me to say how well it works. I definitely have trouble relaxing my glutes sometimes though. The part at the end where you rest your sacrum on a stack of books, aggravated some of my pregnancy tail bone pain, but I think I’ll be able to avoid that in the future by lowering the stack a bit. I’ll definitely keep coming back to this one as a way of trying to keep my pelvic floor healthy during pregnancy.

Week One Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 10-15 minutes on two additional days.

I only managed one extra cardio session this week, for which I choose Basic Aerobics II. (I know, I do that one a lot. But I’m finding exercise to be a bit more challenging now that I’m past the twenty week mark, so I wanted to keep it simple).

Week 2 does get a bit harder, but I’m enjoying feeling all my muscles in use again and I’m hoping all this will help me keep healthy and active this pregnancy (and if I’m very lucky ward off a recurrence of gestational diabetes).  Whether you are trying Fit2B Beginning for the first time or joining me in working towards and active pregnancy, please come back and join me for Week 2.

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 1

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 2

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Why Young Love Isn’t the Most Romantic


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When I was a teenager and had my first boyfriend I was convinced we were the cutest sight since puppies and kittens. There does seem to be a cultural bias regarding the cuteness factor of young infatuation. I hesitate to even call it young love, only because as I traverse my fourth decade of life I realize how shallow young love seems compared to its more mature adult counterpart. This is not to say that I don’t believe it’s real. It was very real to me at the time, but rather that it is merely a poor reflection of what the human heart is capable of as it ages. (If I’m being honest, all love on this earth, romantic or otherwise, is only a reflection of the heavenly source which cannot be fully understood nor experienced until eternity).

But why is it that we tend to idolize young love? Is it because of the apparent innocence? (Though culturally that is lacking in most cases at younger, and younger ages). Is it because of the future potential? Or is it just a reflection of our culture’s obsession with youth in general? While I know I thought that romance in my younger years (including my engagement and marriage to now husband of twelve years) was heady and inspiring, looking back my perspective differs. As I grow older, I see the benefit of commitment over time, overcoming difficulty and how love matures.  Because as we have matured, so has our love. It may not be the flowers and expensive surprises kind of romance, at least not all the time. But it is the dependable, always to be counted on, which if you haven’t experienced it yet, trust me is worth working toward.

Lisa Jo Baker once wrote a great post called “When You Think Your Love Story is Boring.” She talked about the many practical ways her husband has showed his love for her over the years, yet it was rarely like a movie. He’s never run through an airport for her. It was more real.

I find love later in life to be more admirable and romantic. (I remember Dr. Dobson once said that men know they’re getting older when at weddings they notice the mother of the bride more than the bride). Because love later in life, whether searched and longed for over time, or sustained and true since youth, is like comparing a mature garden with one just starting out. In the beginning, there are lots of annuals, and bright colors which look beautiful for a season. But overtime, those are replaced with rose bushes, bulbs and perennials which bloom in cycles and seasons, coming back faithfully each year, but also require extra effort and tending to create the most beautiful blooms. Both gardens are lovely, but there is an exquisite balance, and feeling of the passage of time combined with constant yet ever changing beauty in a well-established landscape.

At nearly twelve years of marriage, I’m beginning to see these blooms in my marriage and it gives me joy when I see other couples, further along the path in years than we because I see what I hope to have someday, if we stand faithful and steadfast. Cuteness and the outward trappings of romance matter less than they once did (though that doesn’t mean they don’t matter at all). I’ll choose the roses of commitment and constant devotion every time.

Fit2B Mommy: Relaxation and Recovery as Needed


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I had a great set of routines planned to share with you all during the first trimester, then I had the worst first trimester ever and didn’t start exercising again until almost 14 weeks. So if you have easy first trimesters and are able to stay super active, I will make suggestions of additional workouts you can add to what I suggest below.

One of the best things you can do during pregnancy is walk. (Really all the time, but pregnancy too). So I start by automatically saying, walk as many days of the week as you can manage, even if it’s only a short walk. Even if it means taking the kids along (and walking at their pace) or hauling them in the stroller.

My first trimester (or early second trimester if you’ve taken some time off from exercise and are just starting back again) include starting slow.

As always, the Foundational Five are crucial. Try doing one of them every day.

The other routines I recommend include:

Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching

PMS Routine

Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

Pelvic Floor Connections

Restorative Poses

Core Wake Up

Vertical Core Training 

Tummy Safe™ Transitions

Squat Prep Tips

If you are feeling up to something a little more aerobic, besides walking, I also like Basic Aerobics II, III, or IV.

I recommend doing these routines for about two weeks until you feel comfortable. If it feel easy after the first week, that’s a good opportunity to add basic aerobics.

Next week, we’ll be picking up with the new Fit2B Beginning and then transitioning to my own maternity exercise combos which have been working well for me so far, now that the nausea is fading. It all seems appropriate given that we are beginning an important journey towards a healthy pregnancy.

The Tummy Team Online Core Training Programs

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The Tummy Team Core Foundations Online Program

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Mindset for Moms 2.0


So after the nearly a year it has taken me to finish Jamie’s book, do I find myself transformed? That’s a hard question to answer. Yes, my mindset has changed due to many things. I’d like to give this book credit at one of those sources. In some ways taking so long to get through it has really helped. Trying to do one chapter a day (short as they are) would have been too emotionally draining. I needed to give myself time to really mull these things over and decide how I thought they fit into my life.

My life is different now from how it was a year ago, and will likely be very different this time next year, with a seven month old. But I hope I’ll carry many of these insights with me. Motherhood is meant to be a joy not a curse. This doesn’t mean every moment is magical and anyone who tells you that is either lying or has a poor memory. But we don’t have to focus on only the bad. Telling new moms horror stories won’t make those difficult days easier. But we can be there for them when the bad days come, encouraging them that there will be better days ahead. But we also owe it to them to rejoice in the wonderful moments and not bring the cloud of “Oh just wait until . . .”

I can’t control what happens to me, or how my day will go, but I can choose how I prepare and how I react. I hope that as I move forward my choice of preparation will be one of hopeful realism and my reactions more loving and filled with peace. Yes, I will fail. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to stop trying. Because maybe this motherhood journey isn’t just about raising kids, but about transforming me into a better, stronger person, prepared for whatever else God has for me to do, in addition to my role as mom.

Mindset for Moms From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking in Just 30 days

How Do You Want to Change? Mindset for Moms

Talk Less: Mindset for Moms

Remember the Promise of the Seasons: Mindset for Moms

Want What You Have: Mindset for Moms

Fake It: Mindset For Moms

What Are You Expecting?: Mindset For Moms

Don’t Expect Kindness From Your Kids: Mindset for Moms

Learn to Think Like Your Child: Mindset For Moms

Move! Mindset for Moms

It’s OK to be Down: Mindset for Moms

Get a Grasp on Gratitude: Mindset For Moms

Find the Emotional Rest You Need: Mindset for Moms

What Are You Putting In Your Mind? : Mindset for Moms

Write it Down: Mindset for Moms

Let It Go: Mindset for Moms

Do Only 6 Things Today: Mindset for Moms

Discover Your Mission

Tell Your Kids What You Want

Request a Do-Over

Move Away From Competition & Comparison

Give Your Time, Give Your Money, Give Your Stuff: Mindset for Moms

No Replays

Survive as an Introverted Mom

Surround Yourself by Great Thoughts from Great Minds

Conquer the Myth of Not Enough Time

Remember Kids Are People Too, Just Smaller Ones

Do What Comes Naturally

Live Above the Details

What Will You Remember in Your Nursing Home?

A Door to Share: Five Minute Friday


Photo Credit: Bob AuBuchon via Compfight cc

I haven’t joined Five Minute Friday in almost two months. I have often written, but some how those words don’t manage to get published. They sit open in a word document or browser window waiting for a picture, a tag or something else; usually because I was interrupted in the process and once I lost my momentum, it just didn’t feel worth it anymore. But I’m trying again today. Not because there is something magical about a one word prompt but because there is something amazing about writers all over the world (most of them women) supporting each other as we pour out our uncensored, honest thoughts. Five brief minutes a week in a blogosphere overflowing with polished up perfection and picture perfect presentation where we choose to drop the veil and be real.


The door slams again and I contemplate whether I should have it removed. Then I remember my rather tenuous relationships with power tools and think better of the idea. My little girl, far more grown up than I imagined she’d be at almost six will be sharing a room with her three year old brother in just a few short months. I’ve gone up and down and sideways with the options and this still seems the best one. But of course I have trepidations. She still falls asleep with the lights on many nights. He’s used to the dark. He still likes his white noise machine. She can barely tolerate the air conditioner in the summer, claiming it’s too loud.  Since he was born, I let her room become her refuge. When she wants to get away before she explodes, that’s where she goes. (Often slamming the door in her brother’s face, though that isn’t supposed to be part of the process)

So what will we do now? This is one of the many adjustments that is going to come with adding another member to this family. It isn’t just about the door. Will there be enough, time, energy and love to go around? I know the answer to the last one. Even with two I’ve already learned how love and multiple, I just wish time and energy could do the same.

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