5X5 Week 4: Cardio and Pilates


(This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!)

Are you starting to get bored? Well, don’t worry because you’ll be too busy to be bored this week.

In addition to the daily 5X5 movements, you’ll also be doing Pilates and harder cardio workouts.

Beth Learn at Fit2B just introduced two new Basic Step aerobics routines. Check them out here and here.

I also recommend

Pilates in Pajamas

Pilates in Pajamas II

Plain Ol’ Pilates.

That should cover extra workouts for all five days. If you want an extra kick-butt bonus workout. Break out the Kelly Dean Total Body Workout.

Move of the Week

Squat with Side Leg Raise and Front Arm Raise

This is another one of those powerhouse movements that hits so many muscle groups at a time. Squats alone can be boring sometimes (at least I think so) but this helps keep it interesting. Plus you know it’s working because 5 sets of 5 feels like a lot.

Next week I have a special idea planned to make that last week of the 5X5 (X5) Challenge just a little more difficult and interesting during the final week. Hope to see you then.

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