Hoping and Waiting: Five Minute Friday


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Oh how I hate the waiting, especially when the end result is by no means guaranteed. Distraction has so often been my friend. Find something to keep busy, something else to think about as you wait for the news. I’m doing a psychological experiment on myself. Is waiting and hoping really better than just waiting? Is there ever any harm in hoping for the best? I want to believe that hope is always better. Because when the bad times comes, I don’t think anticipating them will make the pain any easier. But the voices of the past always come, threatening disappointment and fear. So hope has to rise above all of that.

Waiting doesn’t have to be passive. Our actions may have no impact on the final results, but as long as they acknowledge that, doing something can serve a purpose. Either by distraction or giving us a focus for our hope and an outlet for our anxiety. Usually for me it means losing myself in a book or keeping my hands busy with knitting. (For the record my toddler yelling at me does not make the waiting easier).

But what does help, is surrounding yourself with others who love and support you. Waiting is always easier with company and hope is contagious.

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One thought on “Hoping and Waiting: Five Minute Friday

  1. Briana

    True indeed. Placing my hope/ trust in the Goodness of God rather than my desired result is also key for me.

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