31 Days: Go, But Stay


“Go! Go!” I cluck as I herd my son out for under my feet with my knees, my hands clutching a hot muffin tin with worn oven mitts.

“Go play.” I tell him. “Mommy has to work right now.”
The phone rings and I scramble to answer it.

“Shoo” I tell my children as they hang on me. “Mommy is on the phone.” It always amazes me how they suddenly need a snack, a drink and or a diaper change as soon as I’m on the phone.

“Go.” I tell my son as I follow him up the stairs with a heavy laundry basket, and he stops to play along the way.


How often I find myself pushing my children away. It’s never because I don’t love them. Sometimes it’s because I do. Loving them means that sometimes I have to find my own space, to have my own body to myself.

But I know that someday I will be begging to stay.

Stay in my lap and let’s read another one. Let me hold you just a little longer.

Stay, don’t hide in your room, let me hear what’s on your mind.

Before you go out with your friends, stay and tell me about your day.

I need to find more moments where stay is stronger than go.


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22 thoughts on “31 Days: Go, But Stay

    1. Thanks so much! I wanted to focus on taking pictures of my kids more often, which is something I often am too busy to do. But I also wanted to write consistently. I didn’t quite make 31 posts in 31 days but it was still a great experience.

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