Fit2B Running: Week 1



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Last week, I outlined my plan to combine the great workouts from Fit2B Studio with the Couch to 5K program from My Running Tips. This week it’s time to get to work.

In the past I’ve used the Monday-Sunday model, since that’s what I use for my own workouts. However, since I want to make this more easily accessible to anyone with any kind of schedule, I’ll use the Day 1-7 model instead. That way you can start on any day you like. Always remember to warm up with a 5 minute walk and cool down with a 5 minute walk on running days.

Day 1

Running Day

Core Wake Up

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 8 times


Day 2

Weight Training Day

Totally Transverse

Bicep Training


Day 3

Running Day

Mula Bandha

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 6 times


Day 4

Weight Training Day

Totally Transverse II

Tricep Training 


Day 5

Running Day

Vertical Core Training

Run 1 min, walk 2 min, repeat 10 times.


Day 6

Long Cardio Day

Basic Aerobics III

Align it Flat 


Day 7

Stretching Day

Face & Neck Yoga

Basic Transverse and Mula Banda


These workouts may seem too easy, but remember that you are adding a new and challenging element to your life by beginning a couch to 5K plan. Take it slow.

Join me for Week 2.


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Fats, Dairy and Other Changes: My Real Food Journey


I’m working my way through Trina Holden’s book and making changes and adjustments to our lifestyle accordingly. I see all of this through the lens of a child with food allergies (dairy and peanuts) and my own pursuit of a diabetes friendly lifestyle to prevent my developing diabetes in the future. I’m not going to go through every chapter of the book, but I am going to hit my favorite parts and mention how it has changed my eating. (I say my because making this a family affair is still a process).


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Getting Rid of Stuff You Can’t Pronounce.

OK, I’ve mostly done this. I guess I could substitute homemade cookies and granola bars for Kashi bars and organic animal cookies. I can work on that. I also know that the alternative milks we purchase probably have unhealthy ingredients in them. I regularly make homemade soy yogurt and my son drinks almond as well. Both are made with manufactured milk, but the yogurt is much cheaper than the store bought yogurt. Neither turned out the way I wanted so I’m going to keep doing my research and look for good solutions.

For me, getting rid of stuff I can’t pronounce means making almost everything from scratch, which is exhausting. This is something I used to do when my daughter was young, but with two little ones running around and starting homeschooling next year, I don’t know if we’d still eat if I had to make absolutely everything from scratch. But I am becoming more mindful of what we put into our bodies. My ideal is that everything we eat be as close to its natural form as possible. So fruits and veggies are better if locally grown (sometimes even backyard grown) and if not organic is preferable. But sometimes the organic cost is too much for our budget. The way my kids go through strawberries in the summer and eggs all year round we would spend our budget just on those two things. But I remind myself that a conventional strawberry is still better than potato chips and a soda.


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Having a Menu Plan That Works for You

Yeah! Menu plans are not new to me. I used to try and make a month’s worth at once, but that didn’t work. Lately I waffle between doing a week or a few days at a time. Usually I start with, what I can I make with what I have? Then what do we want to have next week, before I hit the grocery store, usually on a weekend. Grocery shopping has become a complicated affair around here. The store we buy most of our organic and specialty products from is a little further away so we only get there once a month. So there are certain items we need to buy there, or wait until next time. Then we hit the local Sam’s Club and discount grocery story Bottom Dollar almost every week. Sometimes just to pick up $.97 a lb peaches, and butter (they have the cheapest price in town) or Sam’s Club for Greek yogurt cups for my husband’s lunch.


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Embracing Good Fats

Ok, this is something that we’ve already started doing at our house. I love using butter and I would use it for everything except . . . my son has a dairy allergy. So I can bake with butter, since the heat helps break down the milk proteins but I can’t cook with it, yet. So my go to choice has always been olive oil. But now I’m wondering what I should do instead? When I emailed Trina she suggested I try refined coconut oil. I tried making eggs with extra virgin coconut oil once and it made me nauseous. I don’t mind baking with coconut oil, though I do notice a significant texture change and sometimes there is still the slightest flavor of coconut which is OK, but gets boring after a while.

I’ve always cooked with olive oil. No one in our family has ever had gall bladder problems that we know of, but I can see her point. I’m going to try refined coconut oil, but if it really doesn’t fly with my family, I’ll keep using olive oil, but I bake almost exclusively with butter. Sometimes compromises are necessary.  I have started using bacon grease for making our regular morning eggs and so far it’s very tasty.


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Best Dairy for Your Family

I’ll start right now by saying I don’t believe in raw milk. Sorry. Unless I milk the cow myself, and even then there is no guarantee the cow hasn’t been colonized with listeria or e-coli. But I also understand the theory behind why homogenization destroys some of the healthy parts of milk. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a compromise mentioned.  Low temp pasturized milk or milk that is pasturized but not homogenized. However, my husband and I disagree strongly about this. He believes in getting milk like God intended, in a paper carton or plastic jug from the grocery store. (I suspect he feels similarly about his meat arriving in plastic). I decided it wasn’t worth the marriage, so I have mostly let this go. Though I still feel curious about what non-homogenized milk is really like.

My son drinks protein enriched almond milk. I recognize that this is not a great choice. But I do still worry about getting him enough calcium and protein and this makes me feel a little better. I recently started making my own yogurt again and I’m experimenting with making soy yogurt with Silk. Yes, I know, soy is evil. But for me half the point of yogurt is as a healthy protein source, which it isn’t if you use anything but soy or regular milk. But at least Silk is non-GMO and organic. When I don’t have time to make yogurt, my kids and I eat Stonyfield Farm. I’m open to other possibilities however including making yogurt with homemade almond milk. It won’t have the same protein content, but at least I’ll know exactly what is in it.

I’m reminded again how different prices are in different areas of the country. Trina says she pays $5 a gallon for store bought organic milk. Ha! I pay more than $4 a gallon for conventional milk, try almost double for organic Typically, I buy a gallon of skim milk and a gallon of whole. But I’m transitioning to only whole. Mostly because I don’t drink much milk unless it’s with a baked good, which has also become rarer. We also use it to make homemade ice cream, which I love.  But for some new challenges, I have started making my own yogurt again and I’m willing to try kefir and even separate whey from my yogurt to make other yummy things. Again, sometimes compromise is necessary to satisfy both budget and relationships with those you love. It sounds good to me.

My Real Food Journey, Guided by Trina Holden


Disclaimer: I received this book for free in order to review it. But my opinions are my own. However, this post may also contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support.

Fit2B Running: Fit2B Studio Meets Couch to 5K


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I ran for the first time in more than 10 years during the summer of 2013. I was joining in my church’s fitness initiative as part of our involvement in the Runner’s World Half Festival. Since we can’t really hold services on Sunday morning that weekend due to road closures for the race, we decided to volunteer to run a water station for race day and hold our services on Saturday night instead. We also organized groups of runners to train for the 5K and 10K races on Saturday morning. I decided to sign up for the 5K. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but in the end, I finished without having to stop and walk at all, which was my goal.

This year, I had planned to train for a 10K but I didn’t get started early enough. So I’m still doing the 5K training but trying to push myself just a little bit harder.

Let me first start out by saying you don’t have to run. That’s right not everyone has to run. Walking is great exercise and I highly recommend it. So if you don’t want to be a runner or have health reasons why you can’t, then don’t. It’s that easy. But if you want to follow my suggested Fit2B schedule just substitute walking instead. Try to increase your speed and length of walk as we go.

I am currently using a Couch to 10K plan from My Running Tips. So I am using their 5K program as a guide for this series. It is an incredibly useful site so please feel free to pop over and check out some of the other great articles.

I realize that most running programs recommend an entire rest day. I’m not doing that. However, I am going to substitute a stretching day for the rest day. Basically take a day during the week and do only a Fit2B stretching workout and perhaps a core workout. Nothing else. This is your body’s chance to recharge. Three days a week of walking or running is recommended. I currently run in the evenings but still do some kind of the Fit2B routine in the mornings. If this doesn’t work for you, then just run at whatever time of the day is convenient for you.

If you still have a diastasis, it’s probably better if you splint. I can run without splinting but I really have to focus on engaging my core and it is exhausting. Plus I am more likely to have compensation tension in my upper back. Splinting actually makes it easier. (You can check out the two splints I’ve used and recommend here and here). That being said, I haven’t figured out how to keep the splint from moving around. So if any more seasoned runners have tips, I’m open to hear them.

Here is the basic skeleton of our schedule:

3 running/walking days with or without a shortened Fit2B routine.

2 weight training days

1 long cardio

1 stretching day

Ideally every day should be a core day. So I’ll recommend basic core routines for all 7 days. No, you don’t have to do them every day, but it’s great for your core if you do.

That’s it. Seeing it on paper it doesn’t look so hard and it really isn’t, but consistency, like in so many other things is the key to success. Next week I’ll be highlighting the schedule for the first week. Until then, take a nice walk, do a few Fit2B routines and get ready to run.

Fit2B Running: Fit2B Studio Meets Couch to 5K

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Don’t forget to check out the new Fit2B e-course, Experts on Diastasis Recti.

Experts on Diastasis Recti Online Course 

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Limitations: 31 Days to Clean


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This is a very well timed chapter for me. Because lately I’ve been feeling very plagued by limitations. We’ve been starting our first few weeks of homeschooling, we attended our first homeschool co-op day, both the kids have been sick. My grandmother is ill and my husband is under a ton of stress at work. It’s felt crazy. The kind of crazy where I want to quit everything and move just to get away from it all. During those times, cleaning is often the first thing to go. There is a reason why I haven’t touched this series in a few weeks. I can’t blog about cleaning if I’m not actually going to do any, or so I thought. But this section has been a great encouragement me.

Life is filled with limitations and there is grace for that.

Mary Challenge

Let grace cover the areas you cannot change. Our house is old and requires repairs we don’t have the money for right now. Our kitchen is poorly designed and the appliances sometimes not fully functional. That means things don’t always go smoothly around here. We are on the halting road to homeschooling. So my kid are home. Which means they make lots of messes and we’re still working on providing proper motivation for cleaning up.

But I need to extend myself grace. I need to try and do something, even a small effort. Put away a load of laundry. Bake a double batch of muffins so my kids have an easier breakfast for a few days. Load the dishwasher right after meals instead of waiting until the end of the day. These are little things I can do to give myself hope, even within my limitations.

Martha Challenge

Wash your living room walls and dust the ceiling. With all due respect to the author, the way I’m going to extend grace to myself this week is by not doing either of those things. With all that is going on around here, washing down my walls is about as high on my priority list as knitting a coat for an invisible dog.

For all of you who think your life is too crazy to even begin addressing a clean house, take heart. It will get better. Take small steps today just to give yourself hope that better times are coming.


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Guest Post at The Root Collective: Baby Steps to Ethical Fashion



I’m honored to have a guest post today featured at The Root Collective.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never thought much about where my things come home. I know that most of what is purchased in the United States is made overseas, much of it in poor conditions. But like many other things I just couldn’t think too much about it. Mostly because I didn’t think I had much choice in the matter.

I am however, a frugal mama at heart. I think it comes from getting married when I was still a student and we spent every dime of our paycheck almost every month on essentials like food and rent. Then we bought a house and I decided to stay home with our children. Frugality for the win again as I learned to make things myself, buy fewer packaged foods and generally get by on less. After ten years of living like this I became frustrated and wanted to upgrade my style a bit. I found some sources for inexpensive and trendy accessories. Some of them I loved. Others were cheap disappointments. Ever so slowly I started thinking about whether these products were a bit of a waste.

Read the rest here.



You Control the Weather: Mindset for Moms



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This is so true. My mood helps set the tone for the house. My husband reminds me of this often. Especially on a Monday morning when all I want is to roll over, switch off the alarm and pretend morning hasn’t arrived. Or when it’s only 9 AM and already I want to a do over. I can’t control my circumstances, but I can control my attitude and my outlook.

My munchkins are wonderful blessings but also huge handfuls. I like it when Jamie quotes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, saying that we should treat people as they ought to be, not how they are. This is never more true than with my children. I tend to focus too hard on their deficiencies, which I often see as the result of my own failings. If they aren’t polite, it’s because I haven’t made enough effort to emphasize it. If they are unkind or mean to each other, it is because I have not been kind enough to them or strict enough about how they treat each other. There is some truth in this. But if all I can see is where we need improvement. I need to try to see the best in my children, and see them as God sees them and sees me. This will help change my attitude and also the atmosphere of my home.

Is this easy? Nope. It is much easier for me to get angry, frustrated and even bitter about my daily struggles. I said earlier that I often wish for a do-over by 9 AM. Well I can have one. Any of us can at any time. We just need to stop, pray for strength and adjust our attitudes and that will impact our situation.

Jamie has the amazing ability to put her finger on exactly what it is I need to hear, and often don’t want to. If you haven’t already purchased her e-book, do it. Her words of wisdom will be an important tool in helping you better control the weather in your own home.

Next: Tell Your Kids What You Want


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I’m Never Ready: Five Minute Friday


This week’s prompt is ready.

I thought I was ready. I read the books, did the research. I found ways to pinch pennies and compromise when the budget wouldn’t allow me to do what I wanted. But the reality is harder. My five year old and two year old at home with me all day. Trying to get the housework done while trying to make sure we do something of educational value while keeping up with the steady demand for food and snacks. Adventures in Odyssey plays in the background as I finish my cold eggs at 10:30. We are already past breakfast and morning snack but still they cry for more. More raisins, another muffin, more of me. That’s all they really want. More of me. To play with them and be with them. We read, we work on writing. Read aloud is interrupted by my shouts for my son to get down of a high perch or put back the items he swipes from the kitchen counter.


As so many of my friends send their kids off to school and crow with excitement at having moments to themselves again, I find that my world is fuller than even. To care for and teach them. To manage my household. Engage with my husband. Somehow find moments for myself. One can be certain you’ve made the right choice and still wish that it wasn’t.

I’m never ready. But life keeps changing and I’m needed more, not less as time goes on. I need to learn to be OK with that.


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