It All Matters: Five Minute Friday


Photo Credit: Jody Art via Compfight cc

So I didn’t exactly make it to Five Minute Friday yesterday. Consider this Five Minute Saturday.

This week’s prompt is Writer.

Into the late hours of the night we talked. What began as a discussion of roles, goals and direction became an existential quagmire. As the clock passed midnight I wondered if the conversation just needed to end when suddenly a thought occurred to me. I don’t know if it was divine inspiration or sheer exhaustion but the theology was sound so I went with it. It all matters.

As an author I know that books don’t happen by accident, they are crafted, planned and worked for. Our lives are no different. We are living the plot of a perfect author. He gives his characters more freedom than most, but He is still the author. It all matters. We know that he works all things together for good, but it won’t make sense until the end of the book. He does not use adjectives in vain while he calls us beautiful and beloved. If we are willing to listen to His voice, every sentence can have meaning. We aren’t on this earth just to keep time until heaven. What we do matters. Who we interact with matters. He has us in the places we live for a reason. Apathy is not faith.

It all can have meaning if we get to know the author better. We are living his masterpiece.

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2 thoughts on “It All Matters: Five Minute Friday

  1. I love the way you described our Creator as an author, and really He is, I just never thought of it that way! Thank you for enlighten this for me! If I can share an opinion, I think it may have been divine inspiration rather than exhaustion, and I am so glad you shared it! We all need to be reminded about what we do matters, who we interact with matters and how we do it matters. And let’s not forget we are all unique, therefor OUR own way of doing things or saying things matters. That way God can do His work through us! What a blessing! Again, thank you for the reminder!

    Bless you!
    -Ava Sophie

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