I Don’t Feel Mighty: Five Minute Friday


Photo Credit: _Hadock_ via Compfight cc

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is Mighty

Dead tried from merry-go-rounds of viruses and too little sleep interrupted by high fevers and children’s nightmares. I’m physically being pushed and dragged away from my computer as I try to write this. The spring that never seems to come. One cold, gray day after another. I don’t feel mighty. As I wade through another doctor’s appointment with the medical assistant I know doesn’t like me and everyone stares because my almost five year old as to be restrained just to look in her ears. As my two year old’s screams echo though the hallways I close my eyes and try not to cry myself. I pray for healing. I pray for strength. I pray for escape.

I don’t suddenly feel capable of leaping tall buildings. But somehow I find the strength to slog one more step. I feel my chest tightening and know that the illness that has plagued everyone else for almost a month may finally have tracked me down and I just want to lay down. But I know that there is still much to do, and I pray that I might be granted the strength for just one more hour. Because I am only mighty because He is.

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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel Mighty: Five Minute Friday

  1. I think I wrote the exact same thing for this prompt: “I don’t feel mighty.” I think we all feel that way sometimes…maybe most of the time!! And the illness…I know. My daughter and I have both had runny noses for over two weeks, and now she’s coughing, and it could be worse, but still, it’s frustrating, and worrying, and exhausting! But you’re right. We slog through it, one step at a time, and we pray for strength, for energy, for healing.

    1. Thanks, Callie. I feel like I sound like such a whiner during Five Minute Friday. I think it’s the end of the weak fatigue. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  2. Sometimes I think not feeling mighty is exactly where he wants us so that we can rely on His power to bring us through. This then gives us the confidence in His might that we need to face fears, do battle, and live out our purpose. I think it’s a cyclical process. At times we are humble in His mightiness and at others we are brazenly confident in it. We the lows to experience and understand the highs. Maybe that’s why spring is so beautiful. Praying you experience spring very soon. #FMF

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I’m beginning to realize the wonderful freedom that comes with admitting my weakness and depending on Him for strength.

  3. As one who is sneezing an wheezing on the sofa here in the grey UK, I’m praying for your health, every one of you. Well done for managing a FMF post – a mighty feat, amongst all the others. xRuth

  4. Oh bless your heart. You are tremendous. Mom is one of those callings that has no down time. He certainly has instilled you with mighty. I pray that you, as well as your children, will feel better soon. Praying for perfect rest.

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