My Husband, My Hero: Five Minute Friday


I’ve been realizing over the last few weeks how absolutely blessed I am to have a man by my side like Rob. He is far from perfect (which he’d tell you himself) but over our almost 11 years of marriage he has made it his mission to continue growing as a husband and father. This year one of our priorities has been to invest in our marriage. Last year, for our 10th anniversary we went away by ourselves for the first time since our honeymoon. It was wonderful. But it also made us realize the need to focus on our marriage more regularly if we want it to remain strong.

Rob keeping me company at my book signing. (photo taken by Kinsey Gensel)
Rob keeping me company at my book signing. (photo taken by Kinsey Gensel)

The past few weeks have not been easy ones at our house. My “part-time” job has been consuming more and more of my time and energy to the point when it fills most free moments, if not with actual work than with distractions and stress. This week we had our biggest event of the year for the non-profit I work for. We were understaffed and behind schedule. He arranged to work from home the day before so that I could work and extra long day.

Staying up until 1 AM to help me finish the Christmas wrapping.
Staying up until 1 AM to help me finish the Christmas wrapping.

The event came off, but not without several problems and some major disappointments for me. Projects I get spent hours on were made moot at the last second. After two, 14 hour days and only five hours of sleep in between, I was a wreck. The night before the event my husband helped me navigate a few last minute customer service nightmares and a power point glitch. He had to go to work the next day, but he stayed up until midnight keeping me company and boosting my tried spirits.

Wrangling the kids on a snowed in day.
Wrangling the kids on a snowed in day.

When I finally came home and crashed on Wednesday night, he let me decompress. When I was so exhausted the following day that I could barely see straight and my big accomplishment of the day was keeping the kids alive, he didn’t complain and threw dinner together at the last minute without making me feel guilty. Tonight he’s going to get takeout after the kids are in bed so we can enjoy a quiet meal, just the two of us; one that I don’t have to cook or clean up.

Building a snowman with the kids on a bitterly cold day, so I could stay warm inside.

In many ways, this is just ordinary stuff. But I’ve heard enough from other women to realize that this kind of support is not typical, nor guaranteed. I am so grateful that Rob is not just willing, but also able to manage so many aspects of household management on the rare occasions when it’s necessary for me to be away for extended periods of time. He’s never saved me from a burning building or dismantled a bomb, but he is there when I need him most. I may not have a big house in the suburbs, a new luxury SUV or a cleaning service (not that I wouldn’t love any of those things), but I have him and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He’s my hero.



4 thoughts on “My Husband, My Hero: Five Minute Friday

  1. What a wonderful post about how we all have to work together to provide strength for he family, even in the simple things. You are both HEROES! Stopping over from Five Minute Friday. Here’s my “hero” post if you get a chance to read.
    –> God Bless… P.S. Following you now (We are both on wordpress! 🙂

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