Building a Habit: Fit2B Beginning Week 2


I didn’t expect to have such a hard time getting through all of these workouts this week, but it was actually very difficult. Things have been very busy here and even just fitting in 15 minutes of exercise has been a struggle.

While I had difficulty fitting in the slightly longer time, I also enjoyed these workouts a little more. They weren’t quite as simple and therefore I worked a little harder at them. It felt good, to work, to strive to try a little harder and know that I was strengthening my body.

If I had to pick a favorite I’d say it was Tummy Safe Transitions. I did have to stop the workout three times to referee my children, but I enjoyed the workout.

As I finish out Week 2 and head into Week 3, I find myself questioning, as I always do, whether this is enough. Shouldn’t I be doing more, harder workouts sooner? But I also know my track record. If I get too ambitious too soon, I will burn out and give up. Right now I would like to do some form of exercise every day, even though I know it won’t always be possible. Sometimes I threw in an extra Foundational Five workout or played a little bit of Wii Sports just to switch things up. But mostly I’m trying to stick with the program. I want to see if I really can build a healthy habit, slowly and surely until one day I find that lifting my son has become easier, chasing my daughter leaves me less winded and all the chores of my everyday existence are well within my capability.

So, are you joining me in this challenge? If not, what kind of physical activity have you recently adding to your life.?

Starting Slow: Fit2B Beginning Week 1


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13 thoughts on “Building a Habit: Fit2B Beginning Week 2

  1. I had an injury that left me completely unable to do all the things you mentioned (lifting my son, chasing my daughter, etc.) I was feeling pretty low, had gained back all the weight I had lost from exercising, low energy, etc. A natural supplement actually helped completely heal my pain but the amazing thing has been being able to exercise again. Over the summer I was running bases with the kids at a local park and I almost started crying, realizing that a few months before, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

    Right now I am incorporating mostly zumba, spin class, and yoga (hot yoga and regular ashtanga) into my routine. I do have a video series called Fit in 10 (Tara Fit) where she has multiple 10 minute segments of workouts that can be stacked for up to 30 minutes of workouts or done singly. I have been exercising 5 or 6 days most week… this week has been busier and I ended up with a small injury as well. I, like you, tend to go too full force into things but my issue usually ends up being an injury that takes me out of exercise for a long time (weeks or months) and then I lose motivation after that and it is a struggle. This time I got hurt a bit during yoga Monday, so I rested until yesterday and then took it really easy and my foot felt fine. Woo hoo! I will only get 4 in this week as a result, but I feel great about paying attention to my body this time. I am feeling the best I have felt in a really long time.

    1. Krista,
      I’m glad you are making strides toward being healthier, because that’s really what most of us want, to be able to live our lives and have our bodies keep up. Keep going, it will get easier (or so I keep telling myself).

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