Starting Slow: Fit2B Beginning Week 1


I was so excited to start this journey. Mostly because I haven’t enjoyed or looked forward to exercise on a regular basis since my 5K.  I want it to become part of my life again, like breathing. My husband, though I credit his recent personal investment in physical maintenance and improvement, doesn’t understand this. He sees only the biology of it; the sweat, the discomfort. But for me it is more than that. I know that I feel better, both having accomplished something and because my body becomes stronger and more able to accomplish the feats required of my typical day.

This first week of the challenge is very easy going. Really too easy going for me. Major advantages, these are great workouts if you are just getting back into exercise after pregnancy, surgery or if you are overweight and have never really exercised before. Chair Pilates and Chair Yoga are especially good if you have balance issues for whatever reason. They are also very short. While I know I need to be exercising more, it was great to be able to fit these in while dinner was cooking or first thing in the morning while my kids are eating breakfast.

I began to really appreciate the mobility of Fit2B studios this week. I do like the Roku channel and I do use it a lot. But this week both my kids were sick and my TV was often in use but I still wanted to keep up with my goals. So I setup my laptop in the kitchen, on the living room mantle or the dining room table. Wherever I found an open space. These opening workouts don’t take up a lot of space, so even in my tiny little house I was able to find places to do them.

For my two extra cardio days I played Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, which my kids enjoyed watching and was a shockingly good upper body workout. But I also tried out the basic aerobics workout on Fit2B studio. It isn’t long or all that complicated, but it was a nice quick cardio

As this program goes along, each week gets a little longer and a little harder, but if at any time the next week feels too hard, just repeat the previous week. While I know that I may be physically capable of doing more than these workouts, right now I think that the most important thing is that I build the consistency I need.

Last year I ran a 5K. I have not abandoned running forever, but between cold weather and sheer exhaustion I need to scale things back and focus on taking care of myself and building healthy habits I can live with. Getting up at 6 AM to run may have been an exciting challenge for a season, it’s not something I’m prepared to do forever. So for now I’ll stick with Fit2B Beginning.


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