No Such Thing as Ordinary

1037191_63966409There is no such thing as ordinary. Ordinary is one of those words we use to describe things which seem simple or inconsequential. But how can a person ever be described as ordinary. Each person, no matter how basic their outward appearance may be, contains within them dreams, passions and talents. Some lie fallow due to lack of encouragement or rough conditions. Others toil in secret, never receiving credit or acclaim for their contribution to the world. Those who work behind the scenes, those who serve gladly without complaint. We are all ordinary, yet none of us are, because we are each unique. No one can duplicate, erase or replace you.

We are each of us planned, formed and created by an amazing God, who placed within us capabilities and desires that many of us have yet to realize. We will spend a lifetime getting to know all of the facets of ourselves. It is only when we compare, taking our eyes off of God, off of our mission, that we begin to feel ordinary, insignificant, unimportant. You are a beloved child of the Most High God. You can never been ordinary when you are loved by an extraordinary God.

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5 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Ordinary

  1. “We are each of us planned, formed and created by an amazing God” Yes, yes yes. If we would just remember this, paint it across ourselves, we wouldn’t dip into self pity, I think…

    1. I agree. It’s so easy to see features we don’t like about ourselves as flaws instead of misunderstand aspects of the grand design.

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