I Love My Flips

Flip cover in Butternut
Flip cover in Butternut

My son has super sensitive skin, even more than my daughter did at his age (which I didn’t think was possible). By the time he was six months old almost all his diapers and covers produced red marks and abrasions on his legs. I tried everything. Wool was a bit better but not reliable enough to go out of the house with. Then out of desperation I tried a Flip cover. The Flip system, from the designers of bumGenius products, was new when my daughter was just transitioning out of diapers, so we had never tried it. But my sister spoke highly of the covers and I figured it was worth a shot. I had been hesitant to try them when my son was fully breastfed because I didn’t trust any cover that didn’t have gussets like my Thirsties. BumGenius 3.0 and 4.0 pocket diapers were a staple of our stash. He was fine for a diaper or two but a whole day out of the house in pocket diapers meant serious red marks.

The Flips were perfect. He rarely got red marks and if he had any already from wearing a pocket diaper, then they quickly faded after a few hours in the Flip cover. The Flip stay dry inserts with a hemp insert or Flip organic insert worked great for at night too. These are the best all around option for my son right now. With prefolds, these are our go-to daytime preference (sometimes adding a hemp insert for naps) and since the covers are one size we will hopefully be using them for a long time. I’ve previously never liked any snap style diaper that I’ve tried. But I actually like these diapers in hook & loop and snap. They are officially my recommended option to moms on tight budget. A few of these with prefolds for day and stay-dry inserts for night will diaper your baby practically until potty training.


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