Not Just Today but Everyday

Yesterday many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving and hopefully amid all of the food and early black Friday shopping we actually found time to give thanks. It was a fun day, but also a stressful day for me as we assembled the kids and the food and headed out to my sister’s house for the day. The day ended with our three year old melting down and crying most the way home. By the time both kids were in bed I was finding myself feeling less than thankful. Which reminded me that while it’s good to have a day set aside to give thanks, we also need to remember to give thanks every day and in all circumstances; whether things are good or bad, whether we can afford the Christmas gifts we want or not, if our kids are well behaved or difficult, in all things give thanks.


One thought on “Not Just Today but Everyday

  1. Thx for your real post that reflects the (stressful) reality that “putting on” the Thanksgiving meal for a crowd and with kids in tow can effect.

    Yesterday, with my own family–about the time things started to get stressful–we did something different. We gals stopped, gathered in the laundry room, and paused a few minutes to pray “thanks.”

    Then we resumed making last minute kitchen miracles that somehow resulted in a feast to thank God for along with a circle of family.

    Funny thing to me–when we paused to pray thanks last year, my mama and me discovered, “The ham!” LOL, good thing we stopped because that hog would’ve heated past (over) cooking!

    And yes, every day and for everything–give thanks!

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