Five Minute Friday: Does Anyone Hear Me?

I’m always fighting to be heard. In my home I compete with my preschooler and my infant son for my husband’s attention. To his credit, he tries to always put me first, but the other two are louder and it’s exhausting trying to hold an adult conversation over the din. So we say less and less. My daughter often chooses not to hear me when I speak; feigning being hard of hearing (or lack of understanding) to avoid obedience. When I am with my parents I also struggle. Again my children take center stage. Add my sister, brother-in-law and infant nephew to the mix and I’m lucky if anyone ever pays attention to a word I say. Everyone is rushing around pursuing their own agendas and routines. As a communicator my nature I need to know I’m being heard. Without that I feel lost and disconnected.

This is what it must be like for God. He calls to me, to all of us his children, time and time again. We are too busy, life is too cluttered. We don’t take the time to listen, to hear him. How that must grieve him? He only wants us to hear his voice, to know that he is trying to communicate with us. I need to remember that when no one else hears me, he does. He even responds back, if only I would take the time to listen for his voice.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Does Anyone Hear Me?

  1. Well done.. bravo.
    I feel the EXACT same way in my family dynamic.. desperately trying to be heard.. everyone else always taking center stage.. I never really thought that is how God must feel sometimes…..
    Really great work.

    And just in case no one has told you: you matter, your words matter, your voice matters. You’re not alone………..

  2. I don’t think there is a mother out there who couldn’t completely identify with what you wrote! I know I did. My voice seems to constantly get lost or drowned out until it’s just white noise. Such a great reminder that God hears us no matter what! Thank you!

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