Operation Fat Robin: Finally Some Progress

Last Friday we went to my son’s doctor for yet another weigh. Finally some significant progress! He weighs 13 pounds, 13 ounces which is a gain of 13 ounces in 18 days, which is excellent. We’ve now begun giving him solid foods once a day, sometimes twice a day. He absolutely loves it. Usually I cut him off so that he doesn’t replace breast milk with too many solids. His nursing has also increased, making it harder for me to get enough for his supplemental bottles. We’ve cut down his bottles to two 3-4 ounce bottles twice a day instead of 4 ounce bottles three times a day.  I’m hoping that I finally start to breath a sigh of relief. I’m beginning to work my favorite activities such as writing (and blogging), knitting and dancing back into my life. Now I just need to start exercising again. It is still a struggle to get proper nutrition, given that his sudden mommy phase means that I can rarely put him down long enough to pump or use the bathroom, let alone make myself something to eat. But at least for now I can enjoy the fact that he is growing healthily again.

Of course he now sleeps terribly, instead preferring to cuddle up with me for half the night, but that is another issue entirely.


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