Plunging In: More Than a Day At the Beach

This year the theme of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is Plunge: Love Like Your Life Depended on It. To coordinate with that theme, the leaders of my MOPS chapter were asked to share stories of experiences where we plunged into something. Below is my story.

During our last family vacation before I went to college my family visited the seashore in Delaware. My mother, sister and I have always loved the ocean, usually swimming out beyond the breakers into the deep water where we can just rise and fall with the waves. On this particular day we had been out in the water for a quite a while when we realized that we were very far from shore. Sure enough, the lifeguard began whistling at us but we couldn’t seem to get back to shore. We were caught in a rip current. I began swimming parallel to the shore as I’d been taught, trying not to let panic set in, but we had already been swimming for a long time and I was very tired. My mom managed to get to shore but my sister and I were stuck treading water. Before I knew it a lifeguard came crashing through the waves. He threw my sister his life preserver and told me to put my arm around his neck as he pulled us both to shore.

Sometimes we need to take risks in life, in friendship, going out beyond the breakers into the deeper water, pursuing deeper relationships where we share our hearts with each other, When things go wrong, we need to take help when it’s offered; stop treading water and hold on to each other for support and sometimes let ourselves be rescued.



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