Turn Baby Turn

Yesterday my ultrasound showed that my son is finally head down. Well, kind of.  The first ultrasound showed that his head was on the lower left side of my uterus, but the rest of his body was arched across the top of my uterus with his shoulders on the upper left, behind on the upper right and feet on the lower right. So technically head down, but not in a great position. Then they asked to do a second ultrasound ten minutes later because the doctor was concerned about the position of the placenta. After several minutes of panic, they concluded that my placenta was fine, but now the baby was perfectly centered and head down, though not engaged. (Not necessarily a big deal since my daughter’s head didn’t engage until after I was in labor). I left the doctor’s office feeling better, but still uncertain. The doctor tried to assure me that the chances of the baby turning back are less than 5% but since he is so mobile and on the small side it could still happen. Other than this issue, he looks healthy. My gestational diabetes does not appear to be affecting him since he is currently in the 33rd percentile, much smaller than my 8 pound daughter with the 95th percentile head. When I visited my chiropractor later the same afternoon she was so excited to hear that the baby was down. She gave me a big pep talk about how I’m doing all the right things and to keep doing them. She told me that I’m such a trooper and I should be so proud of myself. It was nice to hear and I definitely left her office feeling more optimistic. Now I can’t wait for this baby to arrive. Quick, before he gets any crazy ideas about turning back.


One thought on “Turn Baby Turn

  1. So happy to hear! Don’t worry, he will NOT turn back.
    I have been fighting the same worries every day since we found out that baby girl turned head down. Today we had an ultrasound that said she’s still doing good.
    Keep your head up!

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