Mommy’s Day Off

Last Monday afternoon I was suddenly offered something I’ve never had before: a Mommy’s Day Off. My sister and brother in law decided to go to the beach for the day on Tuesday and offered to take my two year old with them. Suddenly I was faced with an entire day to spend by myself. I was tempted to take off shopping but my lack of funds and exhaustion of late changed my mind. I ended up spending most of the morning working on a sewing project. Then I had lunch followed by a nice long nap, something I can rarely justify. It was a strange sensation sitting in an empty house. For a while I just sat and enjoyed the quiet. No TV, no toddler music, no whining: just silence. Of course, inevitably I started feeling sad about how empty the house seemed. Imagining what life would be like without my daughter (aside from the fact that I would still be working fulltime and wouldn’t be home during the day), I found that I missed her presence. Though I got over it, and threw myself into enjoying my day. I mostly focused on rest and relaxation, two things that are rare for me. Had I had a few more days of notice, I might have planned a bit more.

What kind of things do you do on your Mommy or Daddy day off?


3 thoughts on “Mommy’s Day Off

  1. I just popped over from your comment on In the Backyard. I can so relate to the scenario you painted. Only in MY story, it was ME whose depression is triggered by sleep deprivation. It’s a serious situation, and one we need to take special care to protect. Do whatever you need to do to get some sleep, my friend. Sleep is so very, very important.

    I just wanted to encourage you that God knows where you are and He loves you very much.


    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Fortunately, at two, my daughter is a good sleeper, though her naps are getting shorter. I worry more about what will happen when we have another child and I am too tired to care for both a baby and a toddler during the day.

  2. Yeah…no one ever tells you what to do when that second one comes along. The whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” doesn’t work when you have a toddler, does it. When the time comes, I pray you have lots of help. 🙂

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