My absence and Project Simplicity

I wanted to provide a brief explanation for my recent absence and lack of additional posts toward Project Simplicity. I have had to temporarily postpone Project Simplicity due to some personal and health problems we have been facing. I hope to pick it up again as soon as I’m able. Until then, I would encourage you to follow the progress of others via

Last Friday, (when I should have been finishing up week 3 of Project Simplicity), during a routine prenatal appointment, I was told that my 10 week pregnancy had likely ended at 8 weeks and my baby no longer had a detectable heart beat. I was devastated. We had kept our pregnancy relatively private and were about to begin sharing our happy news with extended family and friends. On Tuesday I was taken into the hospital for a D&E procedure and I am now recovering at home with the help of family and friends.

This whole experience is still very surreal. The physical healing process is promised to be relatively quick. Though I know the emotional healing may take much longer.

For that reason I do not know when I will have the opportunity to pick up Project Simplicity again and begin posting regularly on other topics. My apologies for temporarily discontinuing this important home organization series. I hope to begin posting about my Square Foot Garden soon as well.

Hopefully I will be back posting regularly again in the next few weeks.



9 thoughts on “My absence and Project Simplicity

  1. Oh, I will be praying for you. I know that simple words aren’t even close to being comforting right now, but I do want to say that I am praying for God to touch your heart right where only He can. Much love.

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