Baby Blues: A Breastfeeding Supportive Comic

I started reading Baby Blues when I was in college. I’m not exactly sure how it started, but I remember my excitement when I discovered I could read the archived comics all the way back to 1996! But I appreciate it even more now that I’m a mom. Even though I only have one child so far, I see reflections of my own family and childhood in these characters. (I also have a slightly nerdy red headed father, dark, curly haired mother with strong opinions and a dramatic red-headed sister, though she isn’t the first born). But what struck me most as a new mom was how many Baby Blues cartoons feature breastfeeding. Not just showing it, but it is the main point and or punch line of many daily strips. While I know other comics have touched on this subject on occasion (For Better or For Worse comes to mind), I have been particularly pleased to see Baby Blues feature it so prominently. The Baby Blues website even made a point of posting collections of nursing posts during National Breastfeeding Week. While I have discovered, unfortunately, that their tag search function is not that reliable (apparently some people just randomly tag strips for the fun of it), if you’re looking for a good breastfeeding laugh I suggest running a few breastfeeding and nursing related searches of the Baby Blues archives. I particularly enjoyed Friday’s featured comic.


One thought on “Baby Blues: A Breastfeeding Supportive Comic

  1. I discovered your blog from the Cloth Diaper Whisperer…and I, too, love Baby Blues – and loved it even more once I became a nursing mama! It’s so great to see it portrayed as a healthy and simply normal choice for parenting! thanks for posting this

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