My 31 Day Financial Challenge – Day 7: Work for Your Dreams, Not Your Money

The philosophy of this step was a bit abstract for me. But I can see the benefit. Unfortunately, this wasn’t too much help to me, since I’m not the one working to directly bring in the income. But I certainly will keep this in mind if I go back to work part-time. Since any money I make will go directly toward paying down debt or building our emergency fund, I can use this method of focusing on particular hours and imagining the money earned those hours going directly toward our dreams. I wish I could get my husband to use this to get him through his most difficult hours at work, but since he works pretty much just to cover our living expenses, I can see why he doesn’t find it to be that helpful to him.

The current 40 hours a week that my husband works covers mostly just our living expenses. There are a few small luxuries such as $10 a month for dates for the two of us and $70 a year so that I can attend our local MOPS group. I wish he could devote 25% of his weekly hours to paying off debt and 15% to dreams. Through he has been putting time every week towards the computer games he has been designing, which may someday produce income. The only solution I can see is that more of my weekly hours need to be spent working at something that will bring in income. I do already work, but as any full-time stay-at-home mother knows, it can be frustrating not to see a paycheck for my efforts. I know what I do matters, but it is easier when you can quantify that it.


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